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The Oxford Handbook of Dance and Reenactment

  • Author: Franko, Mark
Overall, this volume provides an invaluable platform for profound engagement with a complex layering of possibilities and experiments in which documentary and remembered evidence of past dances... More…



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  • Contents
  • 1. Introduction: The Power of Recall in A Post-Ephemeral Era
  • Mark Franko
  • Phenomenology of the Archive
  • 2. Tracing Sense/Reading Sensation: an essay on imprints and other matter
  • Martin Nachbar
  • 3. Giving Sense to the Past: Historical D(ist)ance and the Chiasmatic Interlacing of Affect and Knowledge
  • Timmy de Laet
  • 4. Martha@...The 1963 Interview - Sonic Bodies, Seizures and Spells
  • Richard Move
  • Historical Fiction and Historical Fact
  • 5. Reenactment, Reconstruction and Dance Historical Fictions
  • Anna Pakes
  • 6. Bound and Unbound: Reconstructing Merce Cunningham's Crises (1960)
  • Carrie Noland
  • 7. The Motion of Memory, the Question of History. Recreating Rudolf Laban's Choreographic Legacy
  • Susanne Franco
  • Proleptic Iteration
  • 8. To the Letter: Lettrism, Dance, Reenactment
  • Frederic Pouillaude
  • 9. Letters to Lila and Dramaturg's Notes on Future Memory: Inheriting Dance's Alternative Histories
  • Kate Elswit with Rani Nair
  • Investigative Reenactment: Transmission as Heuristic Device
  • 10. (Re)enacting Thinking in Movement
  • Maaike Bleeker
  • 11. Not Made by Hand, or Arm, or Leg: The Acheiropoietics of Performance
  • Branislav Jakovljevic
  • 12. Pedagogic In(ter)ventions: On the Potential of (Re)enacting Yvonne Rainer's Continuous Project-Altered Daily (1969/70) in a Dance Education Context
  • Yvonne Hardt
  • Enacting Testimony/Performing Cultural Memory/ Spectatorship as Practice
  • 13. What Remains of the Witness? Testimony as Epistemological Category: Schlepping the Trace
  • Susanne Foellmer
  • 14. Baroque Relations: Performing Silver and Gold in Daniel Rabel's Ballets of the Americas
  • VK Preston
  • 15. Reenacting Ritual Dance-Theater of India: The case of Kaisika Natakam
  • Ketu H. Katrak with Anita Ratnam
  • 16. Gloriously Inept and Satisfyingly True: Reenactment and the Practice of Spectating
  • P.A. Skantze
  • The Politics of Reenactment
  • 17. Blasting out of the Past: the Politics of History and Memory in Janez's Reconstructions
  • Ramsay Burt
  • 18. Reenactment as Racialized Scandal
  • Anthea Kraut
  • 19. Reenacting Modernist Time: William Kentridge's The Refusal of Time
  • Christel Staelpart
  • Redistributions of Time in Geography, Architecture, and Modernist Narrative
  • 20. Quito-Brussels: A Dancer's Cultural Geography
  • Fabian Barba
  • 21. Dance and the Distributed Body: Odissi and Mahari Performance
  • Anurima Banerji
  • 22. Imagined Re-embodiment between Text and Dance
  • Susan Jones
  • Epistemologies of Inter-temporality
  • 23. Affect, Technique, and Discourse: Being Actively Passive in the Face of History: Reconstruction of Reconstruction
  • Gerald Siegmund
  • 24. Epilogue to an Epilogue: Historicizing the Re- in Danced Reenactment
  • Mark Franko
  • 25. The Time of Reenactment in Basse Danse and Bassadanza
  • Seeta Chaganti
  • 26. Time Layers, Time Leaps, Time Lost. Methodologies of Dance Historiography
  • Christina Thurner
  • Reenactment in/as Global Knowledge Circulation
  • 27. (In)distinct Positions: The Politics of Theorizing Choreography
  • Jens Richard Giersdorf
  • 28. Scenes of Reenactment/Logics of Derivation in Dance
  • Randy Martin
  • 29. A Proposition for Reenactment: Disco Angola by Stan Douglas
  • Catherine M. Soussloff
  • 30. Dance (Re)searching its Own History: On the Contemporary Circulation of Past Knowledge
  • Sabine Huschka
  • Afterword
  • Notes After the Fact
  • Lucia Ruprecht