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Abidjan USA: Music, Dance, and Mobility in the Lives of Four Ivorian Immigrants

  • Author: Reed, Daniel B.
An important, thorough study. . . . Recommended



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  • EM Series Preface
  • Preface: A Confluence of Beginnings
  • Acknowledgements
  • Notes on Language
  • Part I. Program Notes
  • 1. Introduction: Abidjan USA
  • 2. "Ballet" as Nexus of Discourses
  • Part II. Stages and Stories
  • Act I. Vado Diomande
  • 3. Kekene: the Performance of Oneness in NYC
  • 4. "If you aren't careful, you don't know where you will end up!": Vado Diomande and Transcendence
  • Act II. Samba Diallo
  • 5. "Culture brings everybody together": Samba Diallo's Ayoka
  • 6. "I'm happy because I'm different": Samba Diallo and Exceptionalism
  • Act III. Sogbety Diomande
  • 7. "You know you're in a different country": Sogbety Diomande's West African Drum and Dance
  • 8. "When you're in a new context, you try things that work in that context": Sogbety Diomande and Adaptability
  • Act IV. Dr. Djo Bi Irie Simon
  • 9. "Open Village": An Ivorian Wedding in an Indiana Cornfield
  • 10. "Everyone is a cook, but he's a chef!": Dr. Djo Bi and Innovation
  • 11. Thoughts on the Way Out
  • Glossary
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Index