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Sting and The Police: Walking in Their Footsteps

Sting and The Police: Walking in Their Footsteps

  • Author: West, Aaron J.
Historian and musician West's book is an excellent look at how the Police accomplished success by synthesizing disparate influences into 'marketable, mainstream music, which has remained viable... More…



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  • Series Editor
  • Foreword Timeline
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 : The Police and the Progressive Rock, Punk, and Reggae Styles
  • Chapter 2 : The Police and the Style Mosaic
  • Chapter 3 : Sting and the Album Mosaic
  • Chapter 4 : Selling The Police and Sting to the World
  • Chapter 5 : Sting in the Age of Global Activism
  • Chapter 6 : The Police and the Rock Trio
  • Chapter 7 : The Music After The Police For Further Reading For Further Listening
  • Index About the Author