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Off Key: When Film and Music Won't Work Together

  • Author: Dickinson, Kay
an inspiring contribution to the debate on the meaningful difference between film and music, infusing the discussion of film music with a rare sense of political urgency and great intellectual... More…



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  • An Overture
  • One The Status and the Potential of Film-Music That Doesn't Work
  • Two The Motion Picture You're About to See is a Story of Music: The Migration of Cinema into Rock 'n' Roll
  • Three It's Not Only Trivial, It's Bad, Vulgar: Ken Russell's Composer Biopics and the Uneasy Realignment of Work and Culture
  • Four Troubling Synthesis: The Horrific Sights and Incompatible Sounds of Video Nasties
  • Five Pop Stars Who Can't Act and the Limits of Celebrity Flexibility
  • The Problems of Conclusion
  • Bibliography