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Exhausting Dance: Performance and the Politics of Movement

  • Author: Lepecki, Andre
In this book Andre Lepecki aims to bring dance studies up to speed with an extensive examination of a diverse group of contemporary choreographers who since the early 1990s have explored the... More…



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  • 1. Introduction: The Political Ontology of Movement
  • 2. Masculinity, Solipsism, Choreography: Bruce Nauman, Juan Dominguez, Xavier Le Roy
  • 3. Choreography's 'Slower Ontology': Jerome Bel's Critique of Representation
  • 4. Toppling Dance: The Making of Space in Trisha Brown and La Ribot
  • 5. Stumbling Dance: William Pope L.'s crawls
  • 6. The Melancholic Dance of the Post-Colonial Spectral: Vera Mantero Summoning Josephine Baker
  • 7. Concluding Note: Exhausting Dance - To be Done with the Vanishing Point References Index