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Samuel Wesley (1766–1837): A Source Book

  • Author: Kassler, Michael
  • Author: Olleson, Philip
the scope of the sources employed is impressive...for the first time, we can appreciate the full extent of Samuel Wesley's oeuvre ...of considerable value as a reference book...clarity and logic... More…



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  • Contents: Preface
  • Prelude: Wesley's family
  • Wesley's homes and addresses
  • Chronology: Significant events in Wesley's life
  • Calendar of Correspondence: Introduction
  • New information arising from the correspondence
  • History and prior publication of the correspondence
  • Calendar of dated correspondence
  • Calendar of undated correspondence
  • Calendar of doubtful correspondence
  • Musical Works: Introduction
  • History of the music manuscripts
  • Sacred vocal music
  • Secular vocal music
  • Orchestral music
  • Chamber music
  • Organ music
  • Harpsichord and pianoforte music
  • Dedicatees
  • Discography
  • Wesley's editions and arrangements
  • Literary Works: Printed works
  • Manuscript works
  • Portraits: Iconography
  • Verbal portraits
  • Bibliography: Wesley's library
  • Publications about Wesley
  • Index to the calendar of correspondence.