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Lutoslawski Studies

  • Editor: Skowron, Zbigniew
An indispensable read for specialists and students of his music. Refreshingly, its 14 academic essays, fastidiously edited by Zbigniew Skowron, also have much to offer the braver Lutoslawski... More…



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  • List of Music Examples
  • Part 1: Aesthetics
  • Zbigniew Skowron: Lutoslawski's Aesthetics: A Reconstruction of the Composers Outlook
  • Charles Bodman Rae: Lutoslawski's Sound World: a World of Contrasts
  • John Casken: The Visionary and the Dramatic in the Music of Lutoslawski
  • Benoit Aubigny: Poetic and Dramatic Schemes in Lutoslawski's Vocalo-Instrumental Works
  • Maria Anna Harley: Dans la nuit: The Themes of Death and Night in Lutoslawski's Oeuvre
  • Part 2: Style and Compositional Technique
  • Steven Stucky: Change and Constancy: The Essential Lutoslawski
  • James Harley: Considerations of Symphonic Form in the Music of Lutoslawski
  • Matina Homma: Lutoslawski Studies in Twelve-Tone Rows
  • Adrian Thomas: Jeux venitiens: Working Methods at the Start of Lutoslawski's Mature Period
  • Arnold Whittall: Between Polarity and Synthesis: The Modernist Paradigm in Lutoslawski's Concertos for Piano
  • Jadwiga Paja-Stach: The Stylistic Traits of Witold Lutoslawski's Works for Instrumental Solo and Piano
  • Andrzej Tuchowski: The Intergrative Role of Motion Patterns in Lutoslawski's Mature Symphonic Works. A Comparison of Livre pour Orchestre and the Symphony No. 4
  • Irina Nikolska: On the Types of Chain-Connections in the Late Music of Lutoslawski. Some Remarks on Chain 1 for Chamber Ensemble and Chain 3 for Orchestra
  • Peter Petersen: Microtones in the Music of Lutoslawski
  • Select Bibliography
  • Index