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Jerry Herman: The Lyrics

  • Author: Bloom, Ken
  • Author: Herman, Jerry



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  • Chapter 1 Off Broadway: 'There Comes a Time', 'Jolly Theatrical Season', 'In The Sack', 'My Type', ' I Wish I Could Say', 'Two a Day', That's Judy Garland', ' Our Hearts Belong to Mary', 'As for the Future I'll Dance', 'The Girls Who Sit and Wait';
  • Chapter 2 : Milk and Honey, 'Shalom', 'Milk and Honey', 'There's No Reason in the World', 'Chin Up Ladies', 'That Was Yesterday', 'Let's Not Waste and Moment', 'Like a Young Man', 'I Will Follow You', 'Hymn to Hymiw', 'Finale Act II';
  • Chapter 3 Hello, Dolly!, 'Opening', 'I Put My Hand In', 'Put on Your Sunday Clothes', 'Ribbons Down my Back', 'Dancing', 'Before the Parade Passes By', 'Hello, Dolly!', 'Come and Be My Butterfly', 'It Only Takes a Moment', 'So Long Dearie', 'A Penny in M
  • Chapter 4 Mame, 'St. Bridget', 'It's Today', 'Open a New Window', 'The Man in the Moon', 'My Best Girl', 'We Need a Little Christmas', 'The Fox Hunt', 'Mame', 'Opening of Act II', 'Bosom Buddies', 'Gooch's Song', 'That's How Young I Feel', 'If He Walked
  • Chapter 5 Dear World, 'The Spring of Next Year', 'I'll Be Here Tomorrow', 'I Don't Want to Know', 'I Never Said I Loved You', 'Garbage', 'Dear World', 'Kiss Her Now', 'The Tea Party', 'And I Was Beautiful', 'One Person', 'Have a Little Pity on the Rich',
  • Chapter 6 Mack and Mabel 'Movies Were Movies', 'Look What Happened to Mabel', 'Big Time', 'I Won't Send Roses', 'I Wanna Make the World Laugh', 'Mack and Mabel', 'Wherever He Ain't', 'Hundreds of Girls', 'When Mabel Comes in the Room', 'Hit 'Em on the Hea
  • Chapter 7 Grand Tour, 'I'll Be Here Tomorrow', 'Two Possibilities', 'For Poland', 'I Belong Here', 'Marianne', 'We're Almost There', 'More and More/Less and Less', 'One Extraordinary Thing', 'I Think I Think', 'You I Like', 'I Belong Here';
  • Chapter 8 , La Cage Aux Folles, 'We Are What We Are', 'Mascara', 'With Anne on My Arm', 'Song on the Sand', 'La Cage Aux Folles', 'I Am What I Am', 'Masculinity', 'Look Over There', 'Dishes', 'The Best Of Times';
  • Chapter 9 Mrs. Santa Claus, 'Mrs. Santa Claus', Avenue A', 'A Tavish Toy', 'Almost Young', ' Mrs. Santa Claus', 'We Don't Go Together At All', 'Whistle', 'He Needs Me';
  • Chapter 10 Miss Spectaular, 'Miss What's Her Name', 'Las Vegas', 'Ziegfeld Girl', 'Sarah Jane', 'Where in the World is My Prince', 'No Other Music', 'I Want to Live Each Night', 'Miss Spectacular', 'My Great Dream';
  • Chapter 11 Broadway Miscellaneous, 'Let's Go to the Movies', 'Nelson', 'Take it all Off', 'Jerry's Girls', 'To Be Alone with You', 'Too Charming', 'I'll Be Here Tomorrow'