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Monteverdi's Last Operas: A Venetian Trilogy

  • Author: Rosand, Ellen



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  • List of Illustrations List of Tables List of Musical Examples Preface Editorial Procedure Abbreviations 1 Orpheus in Venice Prologue A New Ulysses The Myth of Venice 2 Discoveries and Reception Scholarship Performance 3 Sources and Authenticity: Three Lib
  • 1. Giacomo Badoaro, Il ritorno d'Ulisse, preface
  • 2. Argomento et Scenario delle Nozze d'Enea in Lavinia
  • 3. Giacomo Badoaro, Ulisse errante, preface
  • 4. L'incoronazione di Poppea: argomento, scenario, preface
  • 5. Il ritorno d'Ulisse: Badoaro's argomento compared with Dolce's Allegorie and Dolce's argomenti compared with Badoaro's structure
  • 6. Le nozze d'Enea e Lavinia: scenario compared with Dolce's allegories
  • 7. Supernatural scenes
  • 8. Singers Bibliography Index