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RVW from America: Forgotten Recordings of the 50s

Robert Hull, Francis Tursi, A. Stratton

Vladimir Golschmann

The Concerto for Two Pianos benefits from an expert performance by Whittemore andLowe – one of the top duos at the time – placed rather too prominently against the Philadelphia Orchestra. More…



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Vaughan Williams: Piano Concerto in C for two pianos

Work length25:28
  • Arthur Whittemore (piano), Jack Lowe (piano)
  • Robin Hood Dell Orchestra
  • Vladimir Golschmann

I. Toccata

Track length4:56

II. Romanza

Track length8:49

III. Fuga chromatica con finale alla tedesca

Track length11:43

Vaughan Williams: Flos Campi

Work length19:47
  • Francis Tursi (viola)
  • Cornell University Chorus, Concert Hall Chamber Orchestra
  • Robert Hull

I. Sicut Lilium inter spinas

Track length2:37

II. Jam enim hiems transiit

Track length3:52

III. Quaesivi quem diligit anima mea

Track length3:02

IV. En lectulum Salomonis

Track length1:33

V. Revertere, revertere Sulamitis!

Track length3:07

VI. Pone me ut signaculum

Track length5:36

Vaughan Williams: Fantasia on the Old 104th

Work length14:47
  • John Hunt (piano), John Beavan (organ)
  • Rochester Chamber Orchestra, Cornell University Chorus
  • Robert Hull

Vaughan Williams: The Turtle Dove (Version for Mixed Choir)

Work length3:19
  • A. Stratton McAllister (baritone)
  • Cornell University Chorus
  • Robert Hull

Vaughan Williams: Five English Folksongs

Work length2:17
  • Cornell University Chorus
  • Robert Hull

No. 1, The Dark-Eyed Sailor

Track length2:17

Vaughan Williams: John Dory

Work length2:20
  • Cornell University Chorus
  • Robert Hull