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Piano Star Duets

Sheet Music


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  • Ragtime Swap [Heather Hammond]
  • Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer [Trad.]
  • Apache Drums [Karen Marshall]
  • Melodic Study No. 2 Op. 149 [Anton Diabelli]
  • Lightly Row [Trad.]
  • School's Out [Nikki Iles]
  • La Bamba [Trad. Mexican]
  • Cats on the Prowl [Mike Cornick]
  • Butterfly [June Armstrong]
  • Chitter Chatter [Alison Mathews]
  • Lavender Bells [Trad.]
  • When You're Here [Peter Gritton]
  • Dancing with the Moon [Nikolas Sideris]
  • Woodland Folk Song [Alison Mathews]
  • Last Day at the Fair [Marcel Zidani]
  • Jasmine Flower [Trad. Chinese]
  • Crocodile Conga [Mike Cornick]
  • G for Granny [Peter Gritton]
  • Tu tu Gbovi [Trad. Ewe (Ghanaian)]
  • Tropical Tango [Marcel Zidani]
  • Mrs McLeod's Reel [Trad. Scottish]
  • Sweet Pea [Nikki Iles]
  • Non-stop Calypso [David Blackwell]
  • Raindrop Reflections [Heather Hammond]
  • Weird Polka [Vitalij Neugasimov]
  • Celebration Chopsticks [David Blackwell]