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 Offer,The Violin Vol. 1

Theory and Practice in 5 Books

  • Composer: Crickboom, Mathieu

Sheet Music

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  • Collection of Melodies and Selections
  • Preface
  • Introduction. The Solfeggio. Natural Apititudes. Choice of the Instrument. Choice of the Bow. First Principes. The Carriage of the Body. How to Hold the Violin. How to Hold the Bow. Position of the Right Arm. Position of the Bow in its relation to the Str
  • The Violin. The Bow. Figs. 1 and 2
  • Figs. 3 to 11
  • Figs. 12 to 18
  • Tuning the Violin. The Right Arm, model position
  • Manipulation of the Left Hand. Position A
  • Petit Noel (Santa Claus)
  • Le joyeux Ecolier. (The Jolly Student)
  • Changes of Position
  • Position B
  • The Fourths
  • Noel provencal (Christmas in Provence)
  • Chanson (Song)
  • Duettino
  • La Bonne Nouvelle (The Good News). Position C
  • Retour au pays (Return to One's Country)
  • Canzonetta