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 Offer,Meyerbeer, G: Opera Arias (Italian - French)

for Contralto/Mezzo-Soprano

  • Composer: Meyerbeer

Sheet Music

($35.25) $26.43

Usually despatched in 1 - 2 working days


  • Meyerbeer: Ah, mon fils! (from Le Prophète)
  • Meyerbeer: Ah, sposo adorabile! (from Margherita d'Anjou)
  • Meyerbeer: Donnez, donnez pour une pauvre ame! (from Le Prophète)
  • Meyerbeer: Grand Dieu, exaucez ma prière (from Le Prophète)
  • Meyerbeer: Je suis, hélas! je suis la pauvre femme (from Le Prophète)
  • Meyerbeer: Mais toi qu'on déteste, tyran (from Le Prophète)
  • Meyerbeer: Non, vous n'avez jamais (from Les Huguenots)
  • Meyerbeer: O ciel! qual mai contasto...Mio pianto rasciuga (from Margherita d'Anjou)
  • Meyerbeer: O prêtres de Baal (from Le Prophète)
  • Meyerbeer: Ombre ferale della morte (from Romilda e Costanza)
  • Meyerbeer: Ove incauta m'inoltro!...Ah! ch'io l'adoro ancor (from Il crociato in Egitto)
  • Meyerbeer: Pace, pace io reco (from L'Esule di Granata)
  • Meyerbeer: Riede il Mattin...Ah! come rapida (from L'Esule di Granata)
  • Meyerbeer: Tu sai qual ogetto (from Romilda e Costanza)
  • Meyerbeer: Volare a sua difesa (from Romilda e Costanza)
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