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 Announcement, The Rusty Pianist: Rediscover the Piano

Returning Pianist Sheet MusicThe Rusty Pianist is the latest publication by best-selling composer Pam Wedgwood, aimed at piano players who learnt the instrument in the past, but gave up and want to learn once again. Combining beautiful arrangements of well-known piano favourites with exciting original compositions by Wedgwood, this book is sure to get all rusty pianists playing again with ease. The pieces progress from late-elementary to intermediate level, and each piece includes a unique commentary. Specially recorded demonstration tracks and a handy 'Rusty Reminders' insert are also included, giving you everything you need to get straight back into playing.

In conjunction with the new release of The Rusty Pianist we have compiled a collection of sheet music ideal for rediscovering the piano. Find out more below.

Rediscover the piano with this exciting collection of easy-to-learn piano solos.

Available Format: Sheet Music

More Sheet Music for Returning Pianists

The Piano in Black and White is for everyone with an unrequited love for the piano. It will entice beginners to climb a few important rungs up the ladder, coax the fainthearted to play more and welcome back those who previously gave up. Packed with inspiration and advice, this book demystifies the process of learning the piano. There are easy-to-follow lessons with photographs and fingering guides, online audio and unique features such as finger pilates and the 'ten-by-five' practice method. By the end of the book you will be able to play twelve beautiful pieces, making this an unmissable book for all would-be pianists!

Available Format: Sheet Music

An Innovative Approach for Adults Returning to the Piano

I Used to Play Piano is an innovative approach for helping adults resume piano study. This 152-page book is divided into eleven progressive, well-rounded units, each containing diverse styles ranging from classical arrangements to jazz, boogie, blues, and ragtime to traditional favourites and popular styles. Using strategic review sections, adults can progress quickly to the unit that best matches their ability level.

You can browse the I Used to Play series here.

Available Format: Sheet Music/CD

The perfect way to rediscover the piano

Did you use to play the piano? Would you like to play again? Play it again: Piano will reunite you with the keyboard using real pieces from the piano repertoire to teach specific techniques and tips, to get you playing fluently once again. The level of pieces in this first book progresses from around UK grades 1 to 4 (elementary to intermediate). If you often find yourself saying “I used to play the piano…” but wish you still did, then Play it again: Piano is the resource for you!

Books two and three also available here.

Available Format: Sheet Music

Ever think to yourself, I wish I hadn't stopped playing the piano? If so, then this is the perfect book to help you dive back into the fun world of creating music! It allows you to play the songs you know and love, from pop tunes to folk songs to familiar classical music.

Available Format: Sheet Music/2 x CD

More popular publications by Pam Wedgwood

It's Never Too Late To Play Piano is perfect for those who wished they'd learnt to play the piano when they were younger or those who wish they hadn’t given up! At last a truly grown-up approach to learning the piano. Pam Wedgwood, author of many popular piano series, takes you through the rudiments of piano technique and music theory in her own friendly style that’s guaranteed to get results. The book is organized into clearly structured progressive units with a fabulous array of music to get you playing straight away, including Pam’s own jazzy pieces, plenty of well-known classics and a smattering of pop and show tunes.

You can browse the It's Never Too Late to Play series here.

Available Format: Sheet Music

Piano Gallery is a beautiful collection of piano pieces inspired by great works of art. By best-selling composer Pam Wedgwood, the intermediate-level pieces are accompanied by explanatory text and a stunning pull-out poster featuring all the paintings.

Available Format: Sheet Music

Twelve original piano pieces inspired by the sea

Piano Seascapes is a stunning collection of twelve original piano pieces that have been inspired by images of the sea and its surroundings. By best-selling composer Pam Wedgwood, this book is suitable for intermediate-level players and is accompanied by a beautiful pull-out poster of images providing the visual inspiration for each piece.

Available Format: Sheet Music

Piano Meditations is a beautiful collection of twelve original piano compositions that have been inspired by paintings of a meditative nature. By best-selling composer Pam Wedgwood, these piano solo pieces are perfect for practising mindfulness in music. The book is suitable for intermediate-level players and is accompanied by a stunning pull-out poster of art providing the visual inspiration for each piece.

Available Format: Sheet Music

Discover Pam Wedgwood’s exciting world of jazz piano! How to Play Jazz Piano is a fun and simple introduction for young players with a basic knowledge of how to play the piano (about Grade 2 standard). It includes an introduction to improvisation, suggested listening ideas and covers swing, syncopated rhythms, basic chords and chord symbols, scales and modes used in jazz. There are also plenty of great pieces in different styles, online audio and Pam’s helpful advice and teaching tips every step of the way!

Available Format: Sheet Music

Jazzin' About is a vibrant collection of original pieces in a range of contemporary styles. This edition features a fantastic accompanying CD, complete with performances, backing tracks and slowed-down backings for practice. So take a break from the classics and get into the groove as you cruise from blues, to rock, to jazz.

Browse the Jazzin' About series here.

Available Format: Sheet Music/CD

Grade 2-3

Up-Grade is designed to bridge the gap between grades. The varied pieces in this bright collection range from toe-tapping jazzy numbers to more classical styles, all designed to ease you gently on towards the next grade.

Browse the Up-Grade series here.

Available Format: Sheet Music

Aimed at beginner-grade one level pianists, Piano Basics Workouts is designed to be used alongside the Piano Basics tutor books. The fun warm-ups and technical exercises featured in this book are an ideal way to start practice sessions.

Browse the Basics series here.

Available Format: Sheet Music

What better way to relax than to sit down at the piano, chill out and indulge yourself with your favourite Jazz standards, superbly arranged by Pam Wedgwood. Relax with the lush harmonies and laid-back melodies of many well-known pieces as well as some great original music by Pam herself. The pieces are of varying difficulty from lower to upper intermediate level players.

Browse the After Hours series here.

Available Format: Sheet Music

Do you love listening to Classic FM? Do you wish you'd had the opportunity to learn to play the piano yourself, or that you'd carried on with your piano lessons as a child? This all-in-one piano tutor has the answer! Organised into progressive lessons, it introduces piano technique and music reading in an interesting and approachable way. There is a wealth of music to enjoy and a useful CD of accompanying tracks to play along with. In addition there's lots of useful information and teaching advice. This learn-as-you-play method covers one year's learning and will give you all the motivation you'll need to succeed with the piano!

Available Format: Sheet Music/CD