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 New Publications, Mary Cohen: Technique in Practice

Mary Cohen: Technique in Practice

Technique in Practice is an innovative approach to violin playing by Mary Cohen. Written with the needs of advanced students, teachers, and professional players in mind, the book is particularly useful for those who already have a good grasp on their technique, but are looking to find ways to maintain it in an ergonomic way, in addition to building upon their existing technical abilities.

Developed from her unique ‘weightless balance’ methodology, the book explores the ability to access a feeling of physical lightness in extended and energetic passages. More detail on the ‘weightless balance’ method is explained at the start of the book. Expert advice is included throughout, to guide you through each section like a personal trainer.

Concise exercises are structured into ten sets that cover all aspects of technique. The first two sets contain material that can be introduced to late-intermediate players; but as they contain exercises that expose technique so effectively, they are equally useful for advanced players in helping to spotlight any issues creeping into their playing. The short ‘tech-synthesis’ studies pull together techniques at the end of each set, and were designed to provide a challenge as well as a treat.

The structure of ten sets of studies and exercises help to avoid the inherent danger which comes from playing the same warm up routine every day, which can often lead to inadvertently practising imperfections, rather than perfecting technique. The book will help violinists to develop a relaxed, secure technique and increase confidence in every part of the instrument – without the need to spend hours practising. A great resource to explore and use in a way that suits your own playing and situation at any given time.

You can browse more of Mary Cohen’s publications here, including the popular series Technique Takes Off and Technique Flies High!

Mary Cohen's Violin Technique in Practice, daily exercises to maintain and improve violin technique. For late-intermediate to professional violinists.

Available Format: Sheet Music

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