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 New Publications, New Publications from Oxford University Press

OUP - New PublicationsOxford University Press have released several exciting new publications in the past month, including the second volume of The Oxford Book of Ceremonial Music for Organ, a collection of secular concert works in The Oxford Book of Flexible Choral Songs, two new David Bednall organ publications (Evocation of Wells Cathedral and Walton's Paean), as well as a range of new vocal and choral works from composers John Rutter, Bob Chilcott, Oliver Tarney and James Whitbourn.

Find out more about the new publications below.

New Organ Publications

The Oxford Book of Ceremonial Music for Organ, Book 2

Ceremonial Organ Music, Book 2 The second Oxford Book of Ceremonial Music for Organ is a practical collection of repertoire covering a wide range of uses, from formal public events to more private occasions. The music is stylistically varied, encompassing both flamboyant extravagance and restrained solemnity. Selected with players of intermediate to advanced ability in mind, the collection includes established favourites and attractive new arrangements of well-known works, alongside newly commissioned pieces. It includes original music for the instrument, spanning from the seventeenth century to the present day, including compositions by J. S. Bach, Gigout, Hurford, Jongen, Reger, and Whitlock, plus comissions from Gabriel Jackson and George McPhee. Some well-known works are also included in this book in arrangements for organ, including movements from Debussy's Suite bergamasque, Elgar's Spirit of England, Handel's Almira, Kodaly's Háry János, Ireland's Downland Suite, plus Sousa's Washington Post March.

Thoughts from Robert Gower (compiler)

Oxford University Press have kindly allowed us to reproduce some words from the compiler Robert Gower. Here's what he has to say about this new publication:

"Making a musical contribution to significant occasions, whether public or private, is integral to an organist’s work. For a few, these might be large scale public events with media coverage yet, for the majority of players, whether professional or amateur, the work will be one of support for individuals at key points in their lives, whether these be moments of celebration or solemnity. Selecting appropriate music for such unique circumstances carries sizeable responsibility: musical misjudgement can jar and linger; by contrast, thoughtful and accurate gauging of atmosphere can help to engender lasting memories of warmth and positivity. The music of this second anthology of Ceremonial Organ Music embraces a range of nationalities, styles, and periods, with a considered balance of character between the triumphant and the reflective. It shares the ethos of its predecessor in offering a wide selection of repertoire, either originally conceived for the instrument or presented as arrangements... I hope that organists and listeners alike will share something of the pleasure in discovery brought about through compiling the collection..."

33 grand ceremonial pieces that are ideal for use at weddings, as voluntaries, or for recitals. Not all the music is loud and extrovert: together with pieces like fanfares and marches, the collection contains a sprinkling of quieter items in solemn mood.

Available Format: Sheet Music

The book includes twenty-five ceremonial pieces for manuals and pedals, in a variety of musical forms, suitable for use as recital repertoire or in services throughout the church year.

Available Format: Sheet Music

Other New Organ Publications

Bednall's creation, rooted in the tradition of French organ improvisation, tenderly evokes the mysterious beauty of Wells Cathedral's remarkable 'Jesse Window'. The radiant music ebbs and flows calmly, moving through freely expressive passages of rich harmony, before closing with gentle murmurs at the top of the instrument.

Available Format: Sheet Music

Commissioned for the 40th birthday of the organist Paul Walton, Walton's Paean is a work of great verve, with compelling rhythms, exciting harmonies, and catchy melodies propelling the celebratory music forward. Through the boisterous excitement, legato passages emerge as the piece hurtles towards the resounding finale.

Available Format: Sheet Music

New Vocal and Choral Publications

The Oxford Book of Flexible Choral Songs

This new collection of secular choral music is suitable for choirs of all types, sizes, and ages. It is for those wishing to perform at concerts or events, or for those who simply enjoy singing together for fun. All the songs in the book can be performed by a mixed choir, but flexible arrangements also enable the pieces to be sung by other choir types, including SA choirs, TB choirs, and mixed choirs that may have less tenors or basses. A wide range of concert repertoire is included in the book, spanning several centuries and with many brand-new songs and arrangements written specially for the collection. A breath of subject matter is explored meaning an entire concert could easily be created from the songs in the book. A list of songs by subject matter is provided, which will be of help in programme-building.

The Oxford Book of Flexible Choral Songs is the perfect resource for secular choirs and singing groups who like the flexibility to perform songs in a range of combinations from unison to SATB. Each piece may be performed by a mixed choir, but is also presented with flexible scoring options, clearly explained throughout, enabling performance by various combinations of singers, including upper voices or men's voices alone. As well as new arrangements of existing repertoire, the collection also features newly commissioned original works, specially written for flexible forces.

Available Format: Sheet Music

Spiral-Bound version.

Available Format: Sheet Music

Other New Vocal and Choral Publications

(sopranos and altos, and/or boys' unchanged voices)

This collection of nine of John Rutter's most popular anthems, scored for upper-voices, has been carefully compiled to cover a variety of texts and styles. Embracing both sacred and secular material, the collection provides an eminently useful body of repertoire for upper-voice choirs.

Available Format: Sheet Music

For SATB and mezzo-soprano, tenor and bass soloists, with organ and flute or small ensemble. With this majestic work Chilcott takes on a landmark of the choral repertory, the Christmas Oratorio. Words from St Luke and St Matthew are intertwined with 16th-19th-century poetry to create a compelling retelling of the Christmas story.

Available Format: Sheet Music

For SATB and piano with optional bass and drum kit. In this jazzy setting of William Blake's Introduction to his Songs of Innoncence, Chilcott's extended harmonies and syncopated melodies bring new energy to the text, challenging the expectation of the listener.

Available Format: Sheet Music

For SATB (with divisions) and organ or chamber ensemble. This is an uplifting and celebratory setting of the Latin Missa brevis. The choir may be accompanied by organ, chamber ensemble, or any one of the ensemble instruments in combination with organ, opening up several compelling performance options.

Available Format: Sheet Music

Vocal Score

For SATB and guitar or piano. This anthem sets a powerful poem by John Henry Newman that reflects on the spirituality of solitude.

Available Format: Sheet Music

For SSAA and piano. This is a beautiful piece setting an evocative text by Anne Bronte that explores natural imagery on a blustery day and the feelings they inspire. Supported by the piano acccompaniment, Quartel's soaring melodies, rich harmonies, and syncopated rhythms illustrate the power of the wind.

Available Format: Sheet Music