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Spreading the Word - Early Gospel Recordings

4 CDs


Usually despatched in 4 - 5 working days


Disc 1

Arizona Dranes - In That Day

Arizona Dranes - It's All Right Now

Arizona Dranes - John Said He Saw a Number

Arizona Dranes - My Soul Is a Witness for the Lord

Arizona Dranes - Crucifixion

Arizona Dranes - Sweet Heaven Is My Home

Arizona Dranes - Bye and Bye We're Going to See the King

Arizona Dranes - I'm Going Home On the Morning Train

Arizona Dranes - Lambs Blood Has Washed Me Clean

Arizona Dranes - I'm Glad My Lord Saved Me

Arizona Dranes - I Shall Wear a Crown

Arizona Dranes - God's Got a Crown

Arizona Dranes - He Is My Story

Arizona Dranes - Just Look

Arizona Dranes - I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go

Arizona Dranes - Don't Want You to Go

Sister Mary M. Nelson - The Royal Telephone

Sister Mary M. Nelson - Judgement

Sister Mary M. Nelson - The Seal of God

Sister Mary M. Nelson - Isaiah

Holy Ghost Sanctified Singers - Thou Carest Lord for Me

Holy Ghost Sanctified Singers - Jesus Throwed Up a Highway for Me

Holy Ghost Sanctified Singers - Sinner, I'd Make a Change

Holy Ghost Sanctified Singers - When I Get Inside the Gate

Louisville Sanctified Singers - God Give Me a Light

Louisville Sanctified Singers - So Glad I'm Here

Disc 2

Washington Phillips - Mother's Last Words to Her Son

Washington Phillips - Take Your Burden to the Lord and Leave It There

Washington Phillips - Paul and Silas in Jail

Washington Phillips - Lift Him Up That's All

Washington Phillips - Denomination Blues Pt. 1

Washington Phillips - Denomination Blues Pt. 2

Washington Phillips - I Am Born to Preach the Gospel

Washington Phillips - Train Your Child

Washington Phillips - Jesus Is My Friend

Washington Phillips - What Are They Doing in Heaven Today?

Washington Phillips - A Mother's Last Words to Her Daughter

Washington Phillips - I've Got the Key to the Kingdom

Washington Phillips - You Can't Stop a Tattler Pt. 1

Washington Phillips - You Can't Stop a Tattler Pt. 2

Washington Phillips - I Had a Good Father and Mother

Washington Phillips - The Church Needs Good Deacons

Bessie Johnson - No Room at the Hotel

Bessie Johnson - Key to the Kingdom

Bessie Johnson - One Day

Bessie Johnson - The Whole World in His Hand

Bessie Johnson - The Great Reaping Day

Bessie Johnson - He Got Better Things for You

Bro. Williams Memphis Sanctified Singers - He's Got the Whole World in His Hands

Bro. Williams Memphis Sanctified Singers - I Will Meet You at the Station

Texas Jubilee Singers - He's the Lilly of the Valley

Texas Jubilee Singers - He's Coming Soon

Disc 3

Elder Richard Bryant - The Master Came and Called Me

Elder Richard Bryant - Saul, a Wicked Man

Elder Richard Bryant - Come Over Here

Elder Richard Bryant - How Much I Owe for Love Devine

Elder Richard Bryant - Lord, Lord, He Sure Is Good to Me

Elder Richard Bryant - Watch Ye, Therefore You Know Not the Day

Elder Richard Bryant - A Lies Was Told But God Know'd It

Elder Richard Bryant - A Wild Man in Town

Elder Richard Bryant - He Shut the Lion's Mouth

Elder Richard Bryant - Everybody Was There

Luther Magby - Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit

Luther Magby - Jesus Is Getting Us Ready for the Great Day

Reverend Johnnie Blakey - King of Kings

Reverend Johnnie Blakey - Jesus Was Here On Business

Reverend Johnnie Blakey - Warming By the Devil's Fire

Reverend Johnnie Blakey - The Devil Is Loose in the World

The Southern Sanctified Singers - Soon We'll Gather at the River

The Southern Sanctified Singers - Where He Leads Me I Will Follow

Professor Johnson & His Gospel - Where Shall I Be

Professor Johnson & His Gospel - Give Me That Old Time Religion

Professor Johnson & His Gospel - Angels

Professor Johnson & His Gospel - Standing in the Safety Zone

Sister Lottie Peavey - When I Move to the Sky

Sister Lottie Peavey - Nobody's Fault But Mine

Rev. E.S. Moore - Christ, the Teacher

Rev. E.S. Moore - The Solemn Warning

Disc 4

Elders McIntosh & Edwards - What Kind of Man Jesus Is

Elders McIntosh & Edwards - Since I Laid My Burden Down

Elders McIntosh & Edwards - The 1927 Flood

Elders McIntosh & Edwards - The Latter Rain Is Fall

Elders McIntosh & Edwards - Take a Stand

Elders McIntosh & Edwards - Behold! A King Shall Rise

Jessie May Hill - Earth Is No Resting Place

Jessie May Hill - The Crucifixion of Christ

Jessie May Hill - God Rode in the Windstorm

Jessie May Hill - Untitled

Jessie May Hill - This World Is Not My Home

Jessie May Hill - Sunshine in the Shadows

Jessie May Hill - I Gonna Lift Up a Standard for My King

Goldia Haynes - Travelling

Goldia Haynes - The Great Judgement Day

Goldia Haynes - Oh Lord, How Long

Goldia Haynes - There's a Hand Leading Me

Goldia Haynes - I'm Going to Hold On

Goldia Haynes - The Truth in Gospel

Laura Henton - He's Coming Soon

Laura Henton - Heavenly Sunshine

Laura Henton - Lord, You've Sure Been Good to Me

Laura Henton - I Can Tell the World About This

Laura Henton - Plenty Good Room in My Father's Kingdom

Laura Henton - Lord I Just Can't Keep from Crying Sometimes

Rev. Joe Lenley - Let Us Therefore Come

Rev. Joe Lenley - Lord Who Shall Abide in Thy Tabernacle