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Stirring Up Some Jazz - The Original Sound Of UK Club Land

The Dave Bailey Quintet, Frank Heppinstall, Honey Sanders, Harold Harris Trio, Pinnochio James, Duke Groner, Jeri Southern, Billie Holiday (vocals), Johnny Lytle Trio, Lyn Avalon, Elmer Crumbley, Skip Manning, Ann Henry, The Mellow-Tones, Plas Johnson, Sarah Vaughan (vocals), Savina and The Love Orchestra,...



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Ben Tucker: Comin' Home Baby

Work length5:37
  • The Dave Bailey Quintet

Winfield Scott: Sweetheart

Work length3:23
  • Frank Heppinstall

anon.: Some Like It Cool

Work length2:59
  • Honey Sanders

Harold Harris: Bluesville

Work length3:10
  • Harold Harris Trio

anon.: Mama Don't Love Me No More

Work length2:24
  • Pinnochio James

Ronald Wilson: Oppin' for Later

Work length2:24
  • Duke Groner

Silver, H: Senor Blues

Work length1:48
  • Jeri Southern

Arthur Altman: All or Nothing at All

Work length5:41
  • Billie Holiday

Johnny Lytle: Lela

Work length4:32
  • Johnny Lytle Trio

Nita Nez: I Walk the Streets

Work length2:11
  • Lyn Avalon

Edward Rosenberg: Man Want Water

Work length2:29
  • Elmer Crumbley

Warren Sears: Devil Blues

Work length2:32
  • Skip Manning

Previn: Like Young

Work length2:29
  • Ann Henry

Emmett Hozay: You Excite Me

Work length2:20
  • Nat Williams, The Mellow-Tones

Herman L. Harris: Downstairs

Work length2:04
  • Plas Johnson

Rudy Toombs: One Mint Julep

Work length2:47
  • Sarah Vaughan

anon.: Lookout

Work length2:26
  • Savina and The Love Orchestra

Billy Higgins: Me and My Lover

Work length2:41
  • Billy Higgins, Teddy Edwards Quartet

Gershwin: Summertime (from Porgy and Bess)

Work length2:46
  • Frances Faye

William H. Miller: Pop Your Finger (Hully Gully Dance)

Work length2:37
  • The Miller Sisters

Gillespie, D: Interlude

Work length3:32
  • Anna Marie, The Bill Rubenstein Trio

George Siravo: Johnny with the Gentle Hands

Work length3:03
  • Cootie Williams, Wini Brown

Edmund Anderson: Flamingo

Work length2:42
  • Earl Bostic

Matt Swift: Bye Bye

Work length2:50
  • The Cosmic Rays, Arkestra, Le Sun Ra

Eddie Jefferson, Jimmy McHugh: Moody's Mood for Love

Work length3:11
  • King Pleasure, Teacho