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Love... And Then?




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Finn Wiesner: Give It Up

Work length3:35

Marque Lowenthal: Quartier Bohème

Work length3:57

Finn Wiesner: Lost Melody

Work length4:33

Finn Wiesner: Peaceful Eyes

Work length4:23

Finn Wiesner: Ballast Over Board

Work length2:54

Rodgers, R: Blue Moon

Work length3:27

Jay Livingston, Ray Evens: Never Let Me Go

Work length4:25

Finn Wiesner: Shadow Walk

Work length4:54

Bob Dorough: Small Day Tomorrow

Work length3:12

Marque Lowenthal: I'd Rather Stay In Bed

Work length2:49

Finn Wiesner: It's Snowing On Me

Work length2:49

Marque Lowenthal: Share Your Dreams

Work length3:30

Marque Lowenthal: Tale Of The Tuna

Work length4:03

Burleigh, H T: Motherless Child

Work length3:52

Arlen: Over the Rainbow

Work length4:13