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 New Release Round-up, Jazz New Releases 31st May 2019

Matt troughs through the week’s jazz new releases, listening to some so you don’t have to, but plenty so you hopefully will. Of particular note this week is Brittany Anjou’s Enamigo Reciprokataj, full of memorable tunes, and Joe Henderson’s State of the Tenor: Live at the Village Vanguard gets a vinyl release, and there is also a rare collection of Turkish music from the seventies that’s worth an hour of anyone's time.

Brittany Anjou

Aside from fronting grindcore metal band Bi Tyrant on their album Bi Sexual Tyrant, this seems to be Brittany Anjou’s first appearance on disc, and it’s really caught my attention. Obviously Anjou has a penchant for wacky song titles as this features tracks Snuffaluffagas, Hard Boiled Soup and Balliou for Bartok, but this is no gimmick project. The highlight for me is the Reciprokataj suite, which moves from stride piano through avant-garde clusters to Brubeck-like block chords in the blink of an eye.

Available Format: CD

Pieces Of A Dream

Chunky yet smooth jazz-fusion mixed with R&B vibes from James Lloyd’s long-standing group, with a highlight being co-founder Curtis Harmon’s Real To Me. It exists in its own little universe this sort of stuff, and I rarely travel there, but discretely sort of enjoy it when I do. Having said that, unforgivable cover artwork… come on fellas!

Available Format: CD

Joe Henderson was on superb form for this live recording from the Village Vanguard in 1985, impeccably backed by bassist Ron Carter and drummer Al Foster, and now released on vinyl. It’s refreshing to hear Henderson in this trio format and not having to share the limelight with other horns etc. Carter’s hypnotic bassline on Y Ya La Quiero is a highlight of the disc, and incidentally was sampled on Smoke City’s Underwater Love in the late nineties. This is the first of a two volume set.

Available Format: Vinyl Record

Ellen Kirkwood + Sirens Big Band

A recording of Ellen Kirkwood’s epic 56-minute, four part suite, performed by 3-piece powerhouse Sirens Big Band plus featured soloists Andrea Keller, Sandy Evans and Gian Slater. Kirkwood’s emotive and captivating response to growing issues in a rapidly changing world, we can expect an engrossing journey through music that evokes rage, bewilderment, calm, determination, and everything in between.

Available Format: CD

Sameyda Ensemble

And finally a world music selection, the first time on CD for an album originally called Turkisk music and recorded in 1973 by the legendary music ethnologist and record producer Deben Bhattacharya. A real journey, with lots of varied tracks. Anyone who is familiar with Albert Ayler’s mid-sixties band on the Village Vanguard record will find the track Military Music of interest… compare and contrast. The focus of the second half of the album is on the singer Sevinç Uygur, founder of the group Sameyda in some truly evocative songs.

Available Formats: CD, MP3, FLAC