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 New Release Round-up, Jazz New Releases 3rd May 2019

Each week I go off and explore the new releases for this roundup, and it never ceases to amaze me just how much excellent music is being made and recorded by artists from such a diverse range of cultures and genres, to the point where I sometimes need to be flexible with my jazz remit. For instance this week I came across Adam Summerhayes and Cormac Byrne's Stone Soup, an album that certainly isn't jazz per se (more of a wold/folk hybrid) but it definitely is improvisation based. Furthermore it sounds stunning, so I am glad to include it in the hope that others might also sample a track or two. Skyjack are another instance, with Swiss and South-African musicians making a fantastic hybrid together that defies categorisation. Although the other releases don't tug at genre definitions quite so much, especially not Alan Broadbent's tremendous piano trio recording, or the Coltrane '58 boxset, regardless of genre they are all worth spending some time with.

Alan Broadbent Trio

New Zealander Alan Broadbent is well known as a composer and arranger for a long list of singers including Natalie Cole, Diana Krall and Paul McCartney, and also for his long standing duo with the late Charlie Haden. He is also a brilliant pianist, as demonstrated on these recordings made in his studio with Harvie S and Billy Mintz. This is swinging stuff – mostly up-tempo and full of energy, I'll be returning to this one at regular intervals.

Available Formats: CD, MP3, FLAC, Hi-Res FLAC

VEIN Trio, Norrbotten Big Band

The adventurous VEIN Trio, made up of pianist Michael Arbenz, his drummer brother Florian and bassist Thomas Lähns, have been getting some seriously good press over the past few years, with John Fordham calling them 'one of Europe’s most exciting ensembles'. Here they team up with Norrbotten Big Band to make Symphonic Bop, and it's great fun, a dayglo jazz explosion

Available Formats: CD, MP3, FLAC


Skyjack is a collaboration between South African and Swiss musicians who have been working together since 2013. The blend of african rhythms with more abstract jazz parts makes for an exciting listen. Check out Cubism for a taster of the sort of mash-up they make.

Available Format: CD

Cormac Byrne & Adam Summerhayes

An atmospheric album of music for bodhran and fiddle influenced by the folk tale of the Stone Soup - a parable about sharing. A mix of celtic and arabic influences, this is spectacularly well recorded in atmospheric widescreen sound, with Cormac Byrne & Adam Summerhayes improvising together in consistently interesting ways.

Available Formats: CD, MP3, FLAC

By 1958 John Coltrane finally kicked the heroin habit that had dogged him for almost 10 years, and which had seen him ejected from the Miles Davis Quintet. The recordings he made for Prestige in 1958 chart the rise of Coltrane’s ‘Wall of Sound’ period, when he would frequently outrage the critics with the sheer density of his playing. The box set includes 8-LPs on 180-gram audiophile quality vinyl, remastered from the original analog tapes, cut from 192K transfers.

Available Format: 8 Vinyl Records