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 Offers, Hat Hut - up to 60% off the legendary label

Werner X. Uehlinger founded Hat Hut Records in 1975 simply in order to document the work of multi-instrumentalist Joe McPhee, an artist he had met through a chance encounter and whose music touched him so deeply he couldn’t figure out why he didn’t have any records available. Soon the label was attracting the attention of artists of the calibre of Steve Lacy, Anthony Braxton, and Cecil Taylor, for its willingness to document projects that others were not prepared to risk. Over 40 years and 500 albums later it still stands as one of the pre-eminent labels for cutting-edge music and continues to release some of the most exciting improvisation ever recorded. And for those who assume that the music is too gnarly and challenging need only sample the beguiling sound world of Luzia von Wyl’s Throwing Coins to realise this is not true. All that is required is open mind and ears.

Presto Jazz is pleased to present the Hat Hut jazz catalogue at up to 60% discount until 22nd April, an ideal opportunity to dive in and explore this fascinating label.

You can browse all the available titles here.

Here are a few of my personal favourites:

Ayler was at the height of the powers when this was recorded live in Denmark with the classic trio of Sunny Murray and Gary Peacock plus a light-footed Don Cherry, the perfect foil to Ayler’s spooky old testament style.

Available Formats: CD, MP3, FLAC

An exciting live recording from 1977 featuring Braxton with a brilliant band. Trombonist George Russell had regularly been one of Braxton's most intuitive musical partners, and is clearly having a ball here - even contributing a section that sounds uncannily like the theme from Jaws! Most remarkable of all is the presence of free music godfather, and fellow Chicagoan, Muhal Richard Abrams. Braxton still had one toe in the hard bop tradition at this point, and there is a palpable sense of joy in the playing, with an appreciative audience clearly enjoying the ride.

Available Formats: MP3, FLAC

Steve Lacy Four

Cards on the table, this is one of my desert island discs. In the eighties Lacy was re-discovering his roots following the fairly wild experimentation of the previous decade, and he is at his peak here with his long standing quartet. Ever the gentleman, Lacy lets Steve Potts take the first solo on most of these cuts, highlighting what an under-rated player Pott's was! The contrast between Potts emotional alto and Lacy’s cooler soprano works wonderfully on the mix of Lacy originals and Monk covers, and just check out those drum and bass breakdowns. Morning, afternoon and evening joy guaranteed any time you care to spin this classic.

Available Formats: CD, MP3, FLAC

Luzia von Wyl Ensemble

Throwing Coins is a delight. The intersection where chamber music meets jazz, Luzia von Wyl's music is impossible to pigeonhole, and frequently very catchy.

Available Formats: CD, MP3, FLAC