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Downloads - Ordering and Downloading

How do I download music from Presto Music?

  1. On the page for the album/piece you're interested in, click on the Download Options tab to see the list of the tracks comprising that album.

  2. Click on the format you would like to download - currently MP3 (320kbps) or FLAC. FLACs are available in CD-equivalent 16/44.1 quality, and selected albums are also available in Studio Quality FLAC format (with higher bit depths and sampling rates, mostly 24/96). (What are these?)

  3. Select all the tracks you want by clicking on the green buttons next to them, or tick the headings for individual works. Alternatively, to add the entire album to your basket, click the green "Add download to basket" button at the top of the track list. They'll be added to your basket (you can check how many items are in your basket by looking at the "basket" button at the top of the page).

  4. If you've finished adding items to your basket, click the green "basket" button at the top of the page to review your order, and then "Proceed to Checkout".

  5. If you've downloaded from us before, log in with your email and password; if not, you'll need to enter an email address and password, followed by your address.

  6. Click on "Next - Options", and then "Next - Payment".

  7. Click on the type of card you're paying with, and enter the card details.

  8. Then click on the green "Complete payment" button.

  9. On the order confirmation page, click the green "My Downloads" button and you'll be taken to your Account page; this will list the tracks you've purchased, and you can download them either individually or as a ZIP file. Where PDF booklets are available for the album(s) you've purchased, these will be listed here as well.

  10. Happy listening!

Do I need to register first?

You'll need to register with an email address and password the first time you purchase a download from us, but it's just a step in the purchasing process; you don't need to set up an account beforehand. For subsequent purchases, you'll be prompted to log back in with these credentials.

How do I download my purchased products?

Once your payment has gone through, you will have the option of going to your Account page, where your files will be available to download. You will also receive a confirmation email containing a link to this page.

Do I have to download immediately after purchasing?

No. The files are listed on your Account page and can be downloaded at any time. Most files will remain listed indefinitely; others, depending on the supplier, will only be available for a number of months after purchasing - but either way you'll have plenty of time.

How do I add music to my iTunes library?

There are so many different computers and operating systems out there that this is rather a complicated question to answer comprehensively! If iTunes is set to be your default music playing software then it is extremely simple; just drag the audio files (or the entire folder) into the iTunes window and they will be added to your library.

Please note, however, that this will only work with files in MP3 format; iTunes doesn't support FLAC, so if you try to add FLAC files to your library it will simply ignore them.

What is a ZIP file?

ZIP files bundle several files together into one large file, often called a ZIP "archive". This means that downloading an album containing dozens of tracks, which would otherwise be a very boring process, can be done in one click. ZIP files themselves are not playable audio files - once you've downloaded them you'll need to unzip them to restore them to their original format. Almost all computers come with built-in unzipping software - right-clicking on the ZIP file should bring up a menu including an option to "extract" or "unzip".

What is your returns policy on audio downloads?

Since downloads are not a physical product, we don't have a returns policy as such. However, if your product is faulty then, as mentioned just above, we can source replacements.

How do I edit the metadata tags on my downloaded files?

We try to tag our download files in the most intuitive and consistent way possible. However, many people have their own preferred method of tagging their music so as to navigate their collection as easily as possible, and our method may not be the same as yours!

Fortunately, if you'd like to re-tag your downloaded files to bring the metadata in line with your preferred labelling method, there are many programs available that will do this. MP3tag is one - despite the name, it can re-tag both MP3s and FLACs, though it is not free software. Alternatively, many free-to-download music playing programs (for instance Winamp and FooBar2000) can edit tags as well.

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