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Gene Pritsker (electronics), Peter Krysa (violin), Edmundo Ramirez (viola), David Gotay (cello), Ninni Lindh (voice), Borislav Strulev (cello), Mat Fieldes (bass), Chanda Rule (mezzo-soprano), Joe Abba (drums)

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Daniele Colombo (violin), Derin Öge (piano), Cesare Papetti (drums), Margaret Lancaster (flute), Michiyo Suzuki (clarinet), Matt Herskowitz (piano), Gene Pritsker (electric guitar), Borislav Strulev (cello)

Zeitgeist, Zentripetal

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Gene Pritsker (electronics), John Clark (horn), Peter Krysa (violin), Cesar Papetti (percussion), Michiyo Suzuki (clarinet), Lynn Bechtold (violin), Keve Wilson (oboe), Matthias Kronsteiner (bassoon), Martin Kuuskmann (bassoon), Margaret Lancaster (flute), Kathleen Supove (piano)

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Chanda Rule (mezzo-soprano), Greg Baker (guitar), Lynn Norris (soprano), Kim Pritsker (narrator), Larry Goldman (contrabass), Dan Barrett (cello), Chester Layman (narrator), Marc Molomot (tenor), Gene Pritsker (electric guitar), Charles Coleman (baritone)

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Dan Barrett (cello), Gene Pritsker (electronics), Greg Baker (electric guitar), Michiyo Suzuki (clarinet), Charles Coleman (baritone), Gene Pritsker (piano)

Zentripetal, Sweet Plantain String Quartet

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Gudrun Pagel (violin), Julia Vaisberg (piano)

Trio Panta Rhei



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Dan Cooper (bass guitar), Daniel Palkowski (piano)

Pritsker/Jarvis Duo

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Jacob Miller (narrator), Margaret Lancaster (flute), Roni Gal-Ed (oboe), Michiyo Suzuki (clarinet), Damian Primis (bassoon), Franz Hackl (trumpet), Mike Seltzer (trombone), Lynn Bechtold (violin), Mioi Takeda (violin), Anneke Schaul-Yoder (cello), Mat Fieldes (bass guitar), Derin Oge (piano), David...

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Simone Dinnerstein (piano)

Absolute Ensemble, Kristjan Jarvi

it's a measure of how Bach is still widely regarded as relevant and, whatever one might feel about these efforts, the originals abide, unharmed and unbowed...the ensemble playing is vivacious,... More…



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