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David Ellis: Chamber Music and Songs

David Ellis



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Ellis, D: Concertante for Violin, Horn and Harp, Op. 78

Work length10:51
  • Richard Howarth, Rebecca Goldberg, Louise Thomson

I. Cortège (Moderato-alla breve)

Track length3:22

II. Courante (Vigoroso)

Track length2:13

III. Chaconne (Con moto-moderato, vivace molto, poco meno mosso, presto e pianissimo, tempo primo)

Track length5:16

Ellis, D: Fipple-Baguette, Three Encores for Solo Recorder, Op. 76

Work length6:35
  • John Turner

I. Round Dance (Lively with Humour)

Track length1:28

II. Sarabande with Doubles (Solemn)

Track length2:19

III. End-Piece (Vigorous)

Track length2:48

Ellis, D: Concerto Corto e Dolce for Recorder, Viola and Harp, Op. 80

Work length10:16
  • John Turner, Louise Thomson, Richard Williamson

I. Leisurely

Track length3:21

II. Adagio, Poco Presto, Adagio

Track length3:35

III. Vivo

Track length3:20

Ellis, D: Four Songs (of Hope and Desire), for High Voice and Piano, Op. 57

Work length7:33
  • Keith Swallow, Alison Wells

I. You Did Not Know Me

Track length1:36

II. Not These Sounds, My Friends!

Track length1:11

III. If My Songs Were Given Wings

Track length1:46

IV. River Turn Your Tide

Track length3:00

Ellis, D: Divertimento Elegiaco (In memoriam Ida Carroll), for Recorder, Harpsichord and Cello, Op. 54

Work length9:51
  • John Turner, Keith Elcombe, Jonathan Price

I. Canticle (Poco Adagio)

Track length2:10

II. Impromptu (Vivace Ritmico)

Track length2:47

III. Chaconne (Moderato con moto)

Track length4:54

Ellis, D: Berceuse, for Clarinet and Piano, Op. 47: No. 1

Work length3:39
  • Joanna Patton, Keith Swallow

Ellis, D: A Little Cantata, for Soprano and Recorder

Work length2:17
  • John Turner, Alison Wells

Ellis, D: An Image of Truth, for Soprano, Recorder and Piano, Op. 35a

Work length4:01
  • John Turner, Keith Swallow, Alison Wells

Ellis, D: Dewpoint, for Soprano, Clarinet and Piano, Op. 10

Work length10:36
  • Alison Wells, Keith Swallow, Joanna Patton

I. Night's Still Infancy

Track length1:52

II. The Gentle Touch of Purpose

Track length1:38

III. Love, a Dark Stranger

Track length4:08

IV. The Clouds Will Shroud the Fire

Track length2:58