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Rachmaninov: Complete Solo Piano Recordings, Vol. 6

Victor Talking Machine Company Recordings 1922-1924

Sergey Rachmaninov (piano)

Philadelphia Orchestra, Leopold Stokowski

All 16 tracks on this sixth Naxos volume of Rachmaninov’s solo recordings were set down using horn, wax and no electricity. The result is a pinging clarity from the first bar of the first item,... More…



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 Excerpt, Rachmaninov: Serenade, Op. 3 No. 5

Work length3:12
  • Sergey Rachmaninov (piano)

Moszkowski: La Jongleuse, Op. 52 No. 4

Work length1:53
  • Sergey Rachmaninov (piano)

Rachmaninov: Polichinelle, Op. 3, No. 4

Work length3:41
  • Sergey Rachmaninov (piano)

Tchaikovsky: Valse Op. 40 No. 9

Work length3:09
  • Sergey Rachmaninov (piano)

Chopin: Waltz No. 10 in B minor, Op. 69 No. 2

Work length3:06
  • Sergey Rachmaninov (piano)

Chopin: Mazurka No. 41 in C sharp minor, Op. 63 No. 3

Work length2:07
  • Sergey Rachmaninov (piano)

Tchaikovsky: Humoresque, Op. 10 No. 2

Work length2:50
  • Sergey Rachmaninov (piano)

Henselt: Etude Op. 2 No. 6 'Si oiseau j`etais'

Work length1:51
  • Sergey Rachmaninov (piano)

Rachmaninov: Lilacs, Op. 21 No. 5

Work length2:39
  • Sergey Rachmaninov (piano)

Chopin: Nocturne No. 5 in F sharp major, Op. 15 No. 2

Work length3:46
  • Sergey Rachmaninov (piano)

Chopin: Scherzo No. 3 in C sharp minor, Op. 39

Work length7:00
  • Sergey Rachmaninov (piano)

Saint-Saëns: Le carnaval des animaux: Le Cygne

Work length3:03
  • Sergey Rachmaninov (piano)

Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor, Op. 18

Work length40:21
  • Sergey Rachmaninov (piano)
  • Philadelphia Orchestra
  • Leopold Stokowski

I. Moderato (Recorded on 22 December 1924, Take 1)

Track length9:40

I. Moderato (Recorded on 22 December 1924, Take 2)

Track length9:44

II. Adagio sostenuto

Track length10:20

III. Allegro scherzando

Track length10:37