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 New,Vikings Chant - Vinyl Edition


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1. Enn átti Loki fleiri börn (a phrase repeated over and over : « however, Loki had other children »)

2. Rún (song about runes, the Nordic alphabet which was used for writing, but also for magic) *

3. Valfreyjudrápa (Goddess Freyja (love, fertility) comes to seek warriors who passed away on the

battlefield to join her kingdom)

4. Níu (incantation for the nine daughters of Ægir, the god of the sea, each of whom are an incarnation of the waves)

5. Flúga (the story of the creation of Thor’s hammer by two dwarves, disturbed by Loki’s intervention)

6. Gleipnir (poem about Fenrir, Loki’s son, a gigantic wolf)

7. Krákumál (Ragnar Lodbrok’s incantation before dying)

8. Ó Valhalla (the paradise of the brave warriors who passed away in battle. There, they fight all day to prepare for the Ragnarøkr)

9. Ec Man Iõtna (the world’s creation seen through a magical mood with a focus on the Giants)

10. Yggdrasil (a tree which binds together the nine worlds of Nordic cosmology)

11. Óðinn (an homage to the “high” god of Nordic mythology)

12. Ginnunga (the tale of the creation of the worlds)

13. Joga (cover of a Björk song for her Icelandic upbringing and her Viking ancestors)