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(SPEAK TO ME) New Music, New Politics

Adam Swayne (piano)

Amid snowballing political turmoil, protest piano music is enjoying a resurgence. A blistering account of Frederic Rzewski’s rarely heard Four North American Ballads is the cornerstone to Adam... More…
  • BBC Music Magazine
    April 2019
    Instrumental Choice



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Gershwin: Preludes (3)

  • Adam Swayne (piano)

Gould, M: Boogie Woogie Etude

  • Adam Swayne (piano)

Kirsten: (speak to me)

  • Adam Swayne (piano)

Malone: The People Protesting Drum Out Bigly Covfefe

  • Adam Swayne (piano)

Rzewski: 4 North American Ballads

  • Adam Swayne (piano)