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Bach 333 - The New Complete Edition

Deluxe individually-numbered limited edition box set (English-language Edition)

Bach 333 is a treasure trove of Bach’s global impact in the form of a recorded legacy…The principle currency of the enterprise is rooted in ‘historically informed’ performance, with the category... More…

222 CDs + DVD Video


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CD 1-48 SACRED CANTATAS Gardiner (c100), Suzuki (52), Koopman (12), Herreweghe (8), Kuijken (4), Coin (3) etc

CD 49-51 CHORALES Augsburger Domsingknaben/Vocalconsort Berlin/Kölner Akademie (ALL NEW RECORDINGS)

CD 52-72 MASSES/MOTETS/PASSIONS Gardiner (SJP1724, SMP, CO) Brüggen (MB-), Mortsensen (MB-), McCreesh (SMP) Suzuki (SJP1749) etc

CD 73-81 SECULAR CANTATAS Leonhardt, Goebel, Hogwood, Suzuki etc

CD 82-105 TRADITIONS 1: VOCAL Mengelberg & Scherchen (excs), Cantatas: Lehmann (2), RIstenpart (2), Richter (34 + 1958 SMP), Werner (3), Winschermann (4), Marriner (2), Norrington (3) + 3 x Arias discs (Schwarzkopf, Giebel, Krebs, Equiluz, Scholl, Hunt Lieberson etc)

CD 106-125 ORGAN WORKS Introduction; Free Works; Chorale Based Works Preston, Rübsam, Hurford, Koopman, Walcha, Weinberger, Bowyer etc plus 2 hours NEW RECORDINGS (Great “18” Chorales - Weimar versions/Chorale Preludes world premieres) by Christian Schmitt

CD 126-146 KEYBOARD WORKS Introduction; Works Rousset, Dreyfus, Verlet, Gilbert, Alessandrini, Suzuki, Leonhardt, Esfahani, Staier, Hantai etc plus 3 hours of NEW RECORDINGS by Justin Taylor

CD 147-158 PIANO [VERSIONS OF KEY WORKS] Perahia, Schiff, Hewitt, Brendel, Argerich, Freire, Grosvenor, Blechacz etc

CD 159-163 TRADITIONS 2: KEYBOARD 90 years of piano, harpsichord, clavichord and organ legends: Landowska, Schweitzer, Dart, Fischer, Lipatti, Tureck, Gould, Gulda etc

CD 164-174 ORCHESTRAL WORKS Goebel, Pinnock, Hogwood, Koopman, Dantone etc

CD 175-180 TRADITIONS 3: ORCHESTRAL Adolf Busch, Boyd Neel, Wenzinger, Harnoncourt, Antonini, Marriner, Dart, Abbado, Butt etc

CD 181-189 CHAMBER MUSIC Carmignola (NEW RECORDING OF SOLO VIOLIN WORKS], Watkin, Goebel, Sonnerie, Huggett, Hazelzet, Ter Linden etc

CD 190-193 CANONS & COUNTERPOINT Goebel, Aimard, Dantone, Moroney etc

CD 194-200 TRADITIONS 4: INSTRUMENTAL Casals, Fournier, Starker, Segovia, Bream, Williams, Holliger, Grumiaux, Milstein, Jansen, Hahn, Mutter, Mullova etc

CD 201-206 MUSIC BOOKS/SACRED SONGS W.F.Bach Klavierbüchlein, Anna Magdalena Notenbüchlein 1 & 2; Schemelli Gesangbuch

CD 207-214 BACH INTERACTIVE Bach as arranger, performer, family member, librarian: Reincken, Böhm, Pachelbel, Buxtehude, Vivaldi, Telemann, Pergolesi etc

CD 215-222 BACH AFTER BACH Bach as inspiration: transcribed/arranged from W.F. Bach to Busoni, Stokowski to Birtwistle, Jacques Loussier to Vikingur Olafsson