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John Adams: American Berserk

Liviu Neagu-Gruber (violin), Axel Heß (violin), Jens Brockmann (viola), Michael Hablitzel (violoncello), Majella Stockhausen (piano), Holger Groschopp (piano)

A varied disc of solo instrumental and chamber works, it is a vibrant listen with the usual tropes of minimalist music presented in an easily digestible way.



Usually despatched in 3 - 4 working days


Adams, J: John's Book of Alleged Dances

  • Liviu Neagu-Gruber, Axel Hess (violin), Jens Brockman (viola), Michael Hablitzel (cello)

Adams, J: China Gates

  • Holger Groschopp (piano)

Adams, J: American Berserk (2001)

  • Holger Groschopp (piano)

Adams, J: Road Movies for violin & piano

  • Liviu Neagu-Gruber (violin), Holger Groschopp (piano)

Adams, J: Hallelujah Junction

  • Holger Groschopp, Majella Stockhausen (piano)