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The Alehouse Sessions - Vinyl Edition

Barokksolistene, Bjarte Eike

A smattering of Purcell, dances from Playford’s Dancing Master, shanties, reels and ballads succumb to a nine-piece ensemble drawing on Baroque, jazz and folk styles for a no holds barred hooley... More…

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1 Wallom Green - from ”the English dancing master” 1651 (John Playford 1623-1686). Arr. BE

2 Curtain tune - from ”Timon of Athens” (Henry Purcell 1659-1695). Arr. BaS

3 Lead me - aria: Oh! Lead me to some peaceful gloom, (Purcell) + Italian Rant (EDM). Arr. BaS/BE

4 Haul Away Joe - Trad. English sea shanty. Arr. BaS/TG, Lyrics: TG

5 Johnny Faa - Trad Scottish tune from 17th century. Arr. BE

6 The hole in the wall - Hornpipe from Abdelazer (Purcell). Arr. BaS/BE

7 Virgin Queen set - Virgin Queen + Stingo + Bobbing Joe (EDM). Arr. BE/BaS

8 Pass around the grog - Trad sea shanty. Arr. TG

9 Travel set - Springar fra Bjerkreim – Norwegian, Kat. Oggie from Scotland, Contillion – from Mestmachers collection of tunes, Norway, Første brudestyk´- wedding tune from Denmark, The Shaalds o’Foula – trad Shetland.

Arr: BE/BaS, except Springar fra Bjerkreim: Helge Andreas Norbakken

10 I drew my ship - I drew my ship into the harbour – trad English ballade from 19th Century. Arr. BE/BaS

11 Carolan’s Cup - Turlough O’Carolan (1670-1738). Arr. BaS/BE

12 The Canadian set - Trad Canadian Reels, aka 'La traversée' after the band Le Vent du Nord. Arr. BE

13 Leave her Johnny - trad English sea shanty. Arr. & lyrics: TG


BE = Bjarte Eike

TG = Thomas Guthrie

BaS = Barokksolistene

EDM= Playford's English Dancing Master