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Telemann: Concertos & Cantata Ihr Völker Hört

Clare Wilkinson (mezzo soprano)


Florilegium has already shown its sensibility to and affection for Telemann’s music…Difficult though it is to single out any particular work, I would commend the A major Trio for flute, obbligato... More…
  • Gramophone Magazine
    September 2016
    Editor's Choice
  • Gramophone Awards
    Finalist - Baroque Instrumental
  • BBC Music Magazine
    August 2018
    Chamber Choice



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Telemann: Concerto TWV 53:E1 in E major for flute, oboe d'amore, viola d'amore, strings & b.c.

Work length16:34
  • Florilegium

I. Andante

Track length3:19

II. Allegro

Track length5:27

III. Siciliana

Track length3:19

IV. Vivace

Track length4:29

Telemann: Concerto TWV 52:A1 in A major for 2 oboes d'amore, strings & b.c.

Work length16:14
  • Reiko Ichise, Ashley Solomon
  • Florilegium

I. Grave

Track length3:54

II. Allegro

Track length4:22

III. Dolce

Track length3:40

IV. Allegro

Track length4:18

Telemann: Ihr Völker, hört, TWV 1:921

Work length11:54
  • Clare Wilkinson
  • Florilegium

Aria - Ihr Völker hört

Track length5:34

Recitative - Die Finsternis entweicht

Track length3:10

Aria - Halleluja

Track length3:10

Telemann: Concerto TWV 51:d2 in D minor for oboe, strings & b.c.

Work length13:27
  • Ashley Solomon
  • Florilegium

I. Moderato

Track length2:26

II. Allegro

Track length3:47

III. Largo

Track length3:53

IV. Vivace

Track length3:21

Telemann: Quartet TWV 43:a3 (Concerto) in A minor for flute, oboe, violin & b.c.

Work length10:08
  • Florilegium

I. Adagio

Track length2:27

II. Allegro

Track length1:48

III. Adagio

Track length1:42

IV. Vivace

Track length4:11

Telemann: Overture in F major, TWV55:F16

Work length10:20
  • Florilegium

I. Ouverture

Track length3:28

II. Courante

Track length1:40

III. Bourree I & II

Track length2:40

IV. La Tempete

Track length2:32