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Giuseppe Sinopoli conducts Respighi

New York Philharmonic Orchestra, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, Giuseppe Sinopoli



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Respighi: Pines of Rome

Work length23:24
  • Johannes Geffert (Organ)
  • New York Philharmonic
  • Giuseppe Sinopoli

The Pines of Villa Borghese (I pini di Villa Borghese)

Track length2:50

The Pines near a Catacomb (Pini presso una catacomba)

Track length7:05

The Pines of the Janiculum (I pini del Gianicolo)

Track length7:15

The Pines of the Appian Way (I pini della Via Appia)

Track length6:14

Respighi: Fountains of Rome

Work length16:20
  • New York Philharmonic
  • Giuseppe Sinopoli

The Fountain of Valle Giulia (La fontana di Valle Giulia all'alba)

Track length4:02

The Triton Fountain (La fontana di Tritone al mattino)

Track length2:33

The Fountain of Trevi (La fontana di Trevi al meriggio)

Track length3:38

The Villa Medici Fountain (La fontana di Villa Medici al tramonto)

Track length6:07

Respighi: Ancient Airs and Dances, Suite No. 3, P. 172

Work length16:40
  • Orpheus Chamber Orchestra

1. Italiana

Track length2:39

2. Arie di corte

Track length6:55

3. Siciliana

Track length3:13

4. Passacaglia

Track length3:53

Respighi: The Birds

Work length18:17
  • Orpheus Chamber Orchestra

1. Prelude

Track length2:49

2. The Dove (La colomba)

Track length4:25

3. The Hen (La gallina)

Track length2:49

4. The Nightingale (L'usignolo)

Track length3:53

5. The Cuckoo (Il cuccù)

Track length4:21