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Roderick Elms: Moody Moods

Instrumental Music

Roderick Elms (piano), Stuart Nicolson (organ), Victoria Green (guitar), Kyle Horch (alto saxophone), Joanna Smith (piano)

The Aurora Ensemble



Usually despatched in 3 - 4 working days


Elms: Moody Moves

Work length24:58
  • The Aurora Ensemble

I. Amorous Antiphon

Track length1:52

II. Precocious Prelude

Track length5:51

III. Retro Romance

Track length5:38

IV. Funky Fugato

Track length2:09

V. Cool Cadenza

Track length3:57

VI. Saucy Saltarello

Track length5:31

Elms: II Cygnet

Work length3:42
  • The Aurora Ensemble

Elms: Cygncopations

Work length7:01
  • The Aurora Ensemble

I. Reverie

Track length5:06

II. Danse

Track length1:55

Elms: Twelve Astrological Preludes

Work length21:49
  • The Aurora Ensemble

I. Capricorn

Track length1:38

II. Aquarius

Track length0:51

III. Pisces

Track length1:33

IV. Aries

Track length1:44

V. Taurus

Track length1:42

VI. Gemini

Track length1:49

VII. Cancer

Track length2:47


Track length2:00

IX. Virgo

Track length1:32

X. Libra

Track length2:52

XI. Scorpio

Track length1:26

XII. Sagittarius

Track length1:55

Elms: Fandango Frívolo

Work length5:57
  • The Aurora Ensemble

Elms: Carillon Festivo

Work length3:00
  • The Aurora Ensemble

Elms: Fandango Fantástico

Work length5:17
  • The Aurora Ensemble

Elms: Carillon da Festa

Work length4:00
  • The Aurora Ensemble