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Complete New English Hymnal Vol. 9

 Offer,Complete New English Hymnal Vol. 9

Choir of the Abbey School Tewkesbury, Benjamin Nicholas

This is one of the best so far in Priory's long series thanks to the choir and organ in Tewkesbury Abbey....if you want to try one in the series, this might be the one.


($14.00) $7.50

Usually despatched in 4 - 5 working days


1. Glory in the highest to the God of heaven!

2. Help us, O Lord, to learn

3. Father, see thy children bending at thy throne

4. Stephen, first of Christian martyrs

5. Hail the day that sees him rise

6. O for a heart to praise my God

7. Ah, holy, Jesu, how thou hast offended

8. Christ, whose glory fills the skies

9. My God, accept my heart this day

10. Glory, love and praise and honour

11. Stand up! Stand up for Jesus!

12. A great and mighty wonder

13. Christ, the fair glory of the holy angels

14. The spacious firmament on high

15. Christ, upon the mountain peak

16. Come, O thou Traveller unknown

17. Let the round world with songs rejoice

18. O Christ the Lord, O Christ the King

19. All praise to thee, for thou, O King divine

20. Father, we praise thee

21. While shepherds watched their flocks by night

22. Jesu, grant me this, I pray

23. Forth in the peace of Christ we go

24. O thou who through this holy week

25. Round me falls the night

26. O worship the King