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Richard Pantcheff: Suite for Organ and other Organ Works

Iain Farrington (Marcussen Organ in Tonbridge School)



Usually despatched in 3 - 4 working days


Pantcheff: Diptych for Derek Cooper, Op. 73

Work length6:54
  • Iain Farrington

I. Festival Chaconne

Track length3:21

II. Feast Day Recessional

Track length3:33

Pantcheff: Suite for organ, Op. 72

Work length19:17
  • Iain Farrington

I. Intrada

Track length2:50

II. Duets

Track length2:50

III. Pastorale

Track length5:32

IV. Nocturne

Track length3:32

V. Epiphanies

Track length4:33

Pantcheff: Four Short Liturgical Interludes

Work length17:16
  • Iain Farrington

I. Interlude in D Major

Track length5:17

II. Interlude in G Minor

Track length4:43

III. Interlude in E Minor

Track length3:06

IV. Interlude in B-Flat Major

Track length4:10

Pantcheff: Four Pieces for Organ, Set 1, Op. 17

Work length6:57
  • Iain Farrington

I. Procession into Light

Track length3:25

II. Fanfares

Track length1:28

III. Paean

Track length2:04

Pantcheff: Hymn Preludes

Work length11:03
  • Iain Farrington

I. St. Gertrude

Track length2:45

II. Wychbold

Track length3:59

III. St Margaret

Track length4:19

Pantcheff: Palm Sunday Processional, Op. 42

Work length3:26
  • Iain Farrington

Pantcheff: Prelude and Fugue, Op. 75 "The Phoenix of Johannesburg"

Work length6:51
  • Iain Farrington

I. Prelude

Track length3:07

II. Fugue

Track length3:44