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 Offer,Stravinsky: The Soldier’s Tale

Sir John Gielgud (narrator), Tom Courtenay (The Soldier), Ron Moody (The Devil)

Boston Symphony Chamber Players

These Boston players give immaculately polished accounts of all five [chamber] works … The recording is excellent – clear without dryness, warm without over-resonance More…
  • Building a Library
    May 2013
    First Choice (complete)
  • Gramophone Magazine
    February 2011
    Re-issue of the Month

2 CDs

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Stravinsky: L'Histoire du Soldat

The Soldier's March

Narrator: 'Phew, this isn't a bad sort of spot'

Music for Scene 1: Airs by a Stream

Narrator: 'Enter the Devil'

The Soldier's March

Narrator: 'Hurray, here we are! We're home at last!'

Music for Scene 2: Pastorale

Narrator: 'The Devil was standing there'

Music for the end of Scene 2

Narrator: 'He took the book'

Music for the end of Scene 2: Airs by a Stream

Narrator: 'They have nothing - and yet they have it all'

Music for Scene 3: Airs by a Stream

The Soldier's March

Narrator: 'Now he comes to another land'

The Royal March

Narrator: 'They have the word for the band to play'

The Little Concert




The Devil's Dance

Little Chorale

The Devil's Song

Great Chorale

Narrator: 'I have everything, he thinks'

Triumphal March of the Devil

Stravinsky: Octet for Wind Instruments

Sinfonia (Lento - Allegro moderato)

Tema con variazione


Stravinsky: Pastorale: Arranged for violin and four wind instruments


Stravinsky: Ragtime, for eleven instruments

Stravinsky: Concertino for twelve instruments: Arranged from String Quartet

Stravinsky: Septet


II. Passacaglia

III. Gigue

Schoenberg: Chamber Symphony No. 1 in E major, Op. 9

I. Langsam

II. Sehr rasch

III. Viel langsamer, aber doch fliessend

IV. Viel langsamer

V. Etwas bewegter

Berg: Chamber Concert

II. Adagio