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Handel: Saul

Handel: Saul

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Anthony Rolfe Johnson, Paul Esswood & Julia Varady

Concentus musicus Wien, Nikolaus Harnoncourt

Rolfe Johnson is this powerfully dramatic account

2 CDs


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Handel: Handel: Saul, HWV 53

Saul : Symphony

Handel: Saul, HWV 53 - How Excellent Thy Name, Oh Lord

Saul : Act 1 "An infant rais'd by thy command" [Soprano]

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Saul : Act 1 "Along the monster atheist strode" [Counter-Tenor, Tenor, Bass]

Saul HWV53 : Act 1 "The youth inspir'd by Thee, oh Lord" "How excellent thy name, oh Lord" [Chorus]

Saul : Act 1 "He comes, he comes!" "Oh godlike youth!" [Michal]

Saul : Act 1 "Behold, oh King, the brave, victorious youth" [Abner, Saul, David] "Oh King, your favours with delight I take" [David]

Saul : Act 1 "Oh early piety!" [Jonathan]

Saul : Act 1 "What abject thoughts a prince can have!" "Yet think, on whom this honour you bestow" [Merab]

Saul : Act 1 "Birth and fortune I despise!" [Jonathan]

Saul : Act 1 "Thou, Merab, first in birth" [Saul, Merab] "My soul rejects the thought with scorn" [Merab]

Saul : Act 1 "See, with what a scornful air" "Ah! lovely youth!" [Michal]

Saul : Act 1 Symphony

Saul : Act 1 "Already see the daughters" [Michal]

Saul : Act 1 "Welcome, welcome, mighty king!" "Saul, who has thy thousands slain" [Chorus]

Saul : Act 1 "What do I hear?" [Saul] "David his ten thousands slew" [Chorus] "To him ten thousands!" [Saul] "With rage I shall burst his praises to hear" [Saul]

Saul : Act 1 "Imprudent women!" [Jonathan, Michal] "Fell rage and black despair possess'd" [Michal]

Saul : Act 1 "Rack'd with infernal pains" [Abner]

Saul HWV53 : Act 1 "Oh Lord, whose mercies numberless" [David]

Saul : Act 1 "'Tis all in vain" [Jonathan]

Saul : Act 1 "A serpent, in my bosom warm'd" "Has he escap'd my rage" [Saul]

Saul : Act 1 "Capricious man" [Merab]

Saul : Act 1 "Oh filial piety!" "No, cruel father, no!" [Jonathan]

Saul : Act 1 "Preserve him for the glory of thy name" [Chorus]

Saul : Act 2 "Envy! eldest born of hell!" [Chorus]

Saul : Act 2 "Ah! dearest friend" "But sooner Jordan's stream, I swear" "My father comes" [Jonathan]

Saul : Act 2 "Hast thou obey'd my orders" [Saul, Jonathan] "Sin not, oh king, against the youth" [Jonathan]

Saul : Act 2 "As great Jehovah lives" [Saul]

Saul : Act 2 "From cities storm'd, and battles won" [Jonathan]

Recitative: 'Appear, My Friend' (Jonathan, Saul)

Air: 'Your Words, Oh King' (David)

Recitative: 'Yes, He Shall Wed My Daughter!' (Saul)

Recitative: 'A Father'S Will' (Michal)

Duet: 'Oh Fairest Of Ten Thousand Fair' (Michal, David)

Chorus: 'Is There A Man'

A Concerto

Recitative: 'Thy Father Is Cruel' (David) - Duet: 'At Persecution I Can Laugh' (David, Michal)

Recitative: 'Whom Dost Thou Seek?' (Michal, Doeg) - Air: 'No, No, Let The Guilty Tremble' (Michal)

Recitative: 'Mean As He Was' (Merab) - Air: 'Author Of Peace' (Merab)


Accompagnato: 'The Time At Length Is Come' (Saul)

Recitative: 'Where Is The Son Of Jesse?' (Saul, Jonathan)

Chorus: 'Oh Fatal Consenquence Of Rage'

Accompagnato: 'Wretched That I Am!' (Saul) - Accompagnato: 'T Is Said, Here Lives A Woman' (Saul)

Recitative: 'With Me What Wouldst Thou?' (Witch, Saul) - Air: 'Infernal Spirits' (Witch)

Accompagnato: 'Why Hast Thou Forc'D Me' (Sameul, Saul)


Recitative: 'Whence Comst Thou?' (David, Amalekite) - Air: 'Impious Wretch, Of Race Accurst!' (David)

Dead March

Chorus: 'Mourn, Iseral'

Air: 'Oh Let It Not In Gath Be Heard' (Jonathan) - Air: 'From This Unhappy Day' (Michal) - Air: 'Brave Jonathan His Bow Ne'Er Drew' (David)

Chorus: 'Eagels Were Not So Swift As They'

Air: 'In Sweet Harmony' (Merab) - Solo And Chorus: 'O Fatal Day!' (David)

Recitative: 'Ye Men Of Judith, Weep No More!' (High Priest)

Chorus: 'Grid On Thy Sword'

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