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Free Spirits

Bridge String Quartet

[The Bridge Quartet] give here arguably the finest account of Grieg's G minor Quartet since the 1937 Budapest version, and certainly the most idiomatic of all modern recordings. This is noble... More…



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Delius: String Quartet 1916 (revised 1919)

Work length27:37
  • The Bridge String Quartet

I. With animation

Track length8:25

II. Quickly and lightly

Track length4:03

III. 'Late Swallows,' Slow and wistfully

Track length8:36

IV. Very quick and vigorously - with bright and elastic movement

Track length6:33

Delius: Two movements from the Early String Quartet (1888)

Work length10:53
  • The Bridge String Quartet

3. Adagio, con molta expressione

Track length5:05

4. Agitato, allegro

Track length5:48

Grieg: String Quartet in G minor, Op. 27

Work length32:36
  • The Bridge String Quartet
  • Edvard Grieg

I. Un poco Andante - Allegro molto ed agitato

Track length11:06

II. Romanze Andantino - Allegro agitato

Track length6:03

III. Intermezzo Allegro molto marcato - Piu Vivo

Track length6:27

IV. Lento - Presto al Saltarello

Track length9:00

Grainger: Molly on the Shore

Work length4:08
  • The Bridge String Quartet