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Handel: Jephtha

Handel: Jephtha

Gale, Linos, Sima, Hollweg, Esswood & Thomaschke

Arnold Schoenberg Chor, Concentus musicus Wien & Mozart Singerknaben, Nikolaus Harnoncourt

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Handel: Jephtha

Jephta - 1. Ouverture - Menuet

Jephta - 2. It must be so

Jephta - 3. No ore to Ammon's God and king

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Jephta - 4. But Jephta comes

Jephta - 5. Twill be a painful separation, Jephta

Jephta - 6. Happy this embassy, my charming Iphis

Jephta - 7. Ill suits the voice of love when glory calls

Jephta - 8. I go

Jephta - 9. What means these doubtful fancies of the brain?

Jephta - 10. O God, behold our sore distress

Jephta - 11. Some dire event hangs o'er our heads

Jephta - 12. Say, my dear mother, whence these piercing cries

Jephta - 13. Such, Jephta, was the haughty king's reply

Jephta - 14. When his loud voice in thunder spoke

Glad tidings of great joy to thee

Cherub and Seraphim

Up the dreadful steep ascending

'Tis well

Again Heav'n smiles on his repentant people

Zebul, thy deeds were valiant

In glory high


Hail, glorious conqueror!

Horror! confusion!

Why is my brother thus afflicted?

First perish thou

If such thy cruel purpose; lo!

O spare your daughter!

Such news flies swift

Deeper and deeper still

How dark, O Lord, are thy decrees!

Jephta - 32. Hide thou thy hated beams

Jephta - 33. Ye sacred priests

Jephta - 34. Doubtful fear and reverent awe

Jephta - 35. And thy determin'd will declare

Jephta - 36. Rise, Jephta

Jephta - 37. For ever blessed be thy holy name

Jephta - 38. Theme sublime of endless praise

Jephta - 39. Let me congratulate this happy turn

Jephta - 40. O let me fold thee in a mother's arms

Jephta - 41. With transport, Iphis, I behold thy safety

Jephta - 42. My faithful Hamor

Jephta - 43. Ye house of Gilead

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