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The Complete Songs of Robert Burns, Volume 7

John Morran, Gillian MacDonald, George Duff, Bobby Eaglesham, Aimee Leonard, Karine Polwart, Alistair Huelett

Several years back, Scottish-based label Linn Records embarked on an ambitious project to record every song written or edited by Robert Burns: this volume includes 'The Captain's lady', 'Charlie,... More…
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Burns, Robert: The Captain's lady

Work length2:32
  • John Morran

Burns, Robert: The Wren's Nest - John Comes Kiss Me

Work length3:20
  • Gillian Macdonald

Burns, Robert: Nae gentle dames

Work length3:09
  • George Duff

Burns, Robert: Raving Win

Work length4:13
  • Bobby Eaglesham

Burns, Robert: The taylor

Work length1:33
  • Gillian Macdonald

Burns, Robert: The rowin't in her apron

Work length3:23
  • Aimee Leonard

Burns, Robert: My girl she's airy

Work length2:36
  • Bobby Eaglesham

Burns, Robert: As I was wand'ring

Work length4:21
  • Karine Polwart

Burns, Robert: Geordie

Work length3:59
  • Alistair Hulett

Burns, Robert: Sensibility how charming

Work length2:47
  • George Duff

Burns, Robert: Charlie, he's my darling

Work length2:07
  • Aimee Leonard

Burns, Robert: The heather was blooming

Work length2:36
  • Gillian Macdonald

Burns, Robert: The Guidwife count the lawin - No Churchman am I

Work length5:14
  • Alistair Hulett

Burns, Robert: I'd dream'd I lay

Work length3:04
  • Bobby Eaglesham

Burns, Robert: There's a youth in this city - Highland laddie

Work length3:41
  • Gillian Macdonald

Burns, Robert: Sae flaxen were her ringlets

Work length3:07
  • Alistair Hulett

Burns, Robert: Up and waur them a', Jamie

Work length2:02
  • George Duff

Burns, Robert: Streams that glide

Work length3:01
  • Aimee Leonard

Burns, Robert: Young Peggy blooms

Work length3:44
  • George Duff

Burns, Robert: Long, long the night

Work length4:20
  • John Morran