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American Songs

Barbara Bonney, Andre Previn & Sato Knudsen

Barbara Bonney is the sweet-toned soprano soloist in this delightful performance of Copland's song cycle, partnered at the piano by the magnificent André Previn.

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Previn: Sallie Chisum remembers Billy the Kid

Work length9:12
  • Barbara Bonney (soprano), André Previn (piano)

Copland: Twelve Poems of Emily Dickinson

Work length27:54
  • Barbara Bonney (soprano), André Previn (piano)

1. Nature, the gentlest mother

Track length3:52

2. There came a wind like a bugle

Track length1:26

3. Why do they shut me out of Heaven?

Track length2:04

4. The world feels dusty

Track length1:51

5. Heart, we will forget him

Track length2:09

6. Dear March, come in!

Track length2:08

7. Sleep is supposed to be

Track length2:52

8. When they come back

Track length1:47

9. I felt a funeral in my brain

Track length1:59

10. I've heard an organ talk sometimes

Track length2:00

11. Going to Heaven!

Track length2:18

12. The Chariot

Track length3:28

Argento: Six Elizabethan Songs

Work length15:14
  • Barbara Bonney (soprano), André Previn (piano)

1. Spring (Thomas Nash)

Track length1:32

2. Sleep (Samuel Daniel)

Track length3:05

3. Winter (Shakespeare)

Track length1:33

4. Dirge (Shakespeare)

Track length3:25

5. Diaphenia (Henry Constable)

Track length1:50

6. Hymn (Ben Jonson)

Track length3:49

Barber: Hermit Songs, Op. 29

Work length17:00
  • Barbara Bonney (soprano), André Previn (piano)

1. At Saint Patrick's Purgatory

Track length1:24

2. Church Bell at Night

Track length0:48

3. St. Ita's Vision

Track length3:21

4. The Heavenly Banquet

Track length1:04

5. The Crucifixion

Track length2:15

6. Sea-Snatch

Track length0:31

7. Promiscuity

Track length0:50

8. The Monk and His Cat

Track length2:22

9. The Praises of God

Track length0:51

10. The Desire for Hermitage

Track length3:34

Previn: Vocalise

Work length4:44
  • Barbara Bonney (soprano), André Previn (piano), Sato Knudsen (cello)