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 Offer,Handel: Water Music & Music for the Royal Fireworks

Orpheus Chamber Orchestra

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Handel: Music for the Royal Fireworks, HWV351

Work length18:33
  • Orpheus Chamber Orchestra

1. Ouverture

Track length7:22

2. Bourrée

Track length1:15

3. La paix

Track length2:55

4. La réjouissance

Track length3:05

5. Menuet I

Track length1:34

6. Menuet II

Track length2:22

Handel: Water Music Suite No. 1 in F major, HWV348

Work length28:01
  • Orpheus Chamber Orchestra

1. Ouverture (Largo - Allegro)

Track length3:11

2. Adagio e staccato

Track length1:49


Track length2:22


Track length2:10

without indication (da capo)

Track length2:24


Track length3:22

5. Air

Track length3:26

6. Menuet

Track length2:32

7. Bourrée

Track length1:37

8. Hornpipe

Track length2:16

without indication (da capo)

Track length2:52

Handel: Water Music Suite No. 3 in G major, HWV350

Work length10:12
  • Orpheus Chamber Orchestra

16. without indication

Track length2:50

17. Rigaudon - 18. without indication

Track length2:27

19. Menuet - 20. without indication

Track length3:33

21. without indication - 22. without indication

Track length1:22

Handel: Water Music Suite No. 2 in D major, HWV349

Work length8:18
  • Orpheus Chamber Orchestra

11. Allegro

Track length1:50

12. Alla hornpipe

Track length2:41

13. Minuet

Track length1:01

14. Lentement

Track length1:36

15. Bourrée

Track length1:10