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J.S. Bach: The Works for Organ Volume IV

Kevin Bowyer (organ)



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Bach, J S: Toccata in G minor BWV 915: Presto - Adagio - Allegro - Adagio -Fuge - Adagio

Work length9:39
  • Kevin Bowyer

Bach, J S: Fugue in B minor on a theme by Thomaso Albinoni, BWV 951

Work length6:48
  • Kevin Bowyer

Bach, J S: Fugue in C minor, BWV575

Work length4:22
  • Kevin Bowyer

Bach, J S: Eight 'Short' Preludes and Fugues

Work length31:32
  • Kevin Bowyer

BWV 553 in C

Track length4:26

BWV 554 in D minor

Track length3:24

BWV 555 in E minor

Track length3:45

BWV 556 in F

Track length3:16

BWV 557 in G

Track length3:55

BWV 558 in G minor

Track length5:34

BWV 559 in A minor

Track length2:58

BWV 560 in B flat

Track length4:14

Bach, J S: Fantasia and Imitatio in B minor, BWV 563

Work length5:34
  • Kevin Bowyer

Bach, J S: Fugue in A major on a theme by Albinoni, BWV950

Work length6:34
  • Kevin Bowyer

Bach, J S: Toccata In G BWV 916: Presto - Adagio - Fuge allegro e presto

Work length9:41
  • Kevin Bowyer