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Nielsen: Symphonies Nos. 4 - 6

Barbara Bonney, John Mark Ainsley, Lars Pedersen, Michael W. Hansen, Bo Anker Hansen

San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra, Copenhagen Boys' Choir / Danish National Radio Choir / Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra, Herbert Blomstedt, Ulf Schirmer

The Fourth and Fifth are two of Nielsen's most popular and deeply characteristic symphonies.
Blomstedt's are splendid performances. The Fourth occupied Nielsen between 1914 and early 1916 and...

2 CDs


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Nielsen: Symphony No. 4, Op. 29 (FS76) 'The Inextinguishable'

Work length36:11
  • San Francisco Symphony
  • Herbert Blomstedt

1. Allegro

Track length12:09

2. Poco allegretto

Track length5:06

3. Poco adagio quasi andante

Track length9:47

4. Allegro

Track length9:09

Nielsen: Symphony No. 5, Op. 50 (FS97)

Work length35:27
  • San Francisco Symphony
  • Herbert Blomstedt

1a. Tempo giusto

Track length10:34

1b. Adagio non troppo

Track length9:22

2a. Allegro

Track length5:26

2b. Presto

Track length2:51

2c. Andante un poco tranquilo

Track length4:35

2d. Allegro

Track length2:39

Nielsen: Symphony No. 6, (FS116) 'Sinfonia semplice'

Work length33:56
  • San Francisco Symphony
  • Herbert Blomstedt

1. Tempo giusto

Track length12:57

2. Humoreske

Track length4:01

3. Proposta Seria

Track length5:58

4. Theme & Variations

Track length11:00

Nielsen: Little Suite in A minor for strings, Op. 1 (FS6)

Work length15:23
  • Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra
  • Ulf Schirmer

1. Präludium [Little Suite, Op.1]

Track length3:17

2. Intermezzo

Track length5:35

3. Finale

Track length6:31

Nielsen: Hymnis Amoris, Op.12

Work length20:10
  • Barbara Bonney (soprano), John Mark Ainsley (tenor), Lars Pederson (tenor), Michael W. Hanson (baritone), Bo Anker Hansen (bass)
  • Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra, Danish National Radio Choir, Copenhagen Boys' Choir
  • Ulf Schirmer

Amor mihi vitam donat

Track length8:34

Amor est dolor meus

Track length5:39

Amor est pax mea

Track length5:57