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 Announcement, Presto Music beta - test our new samples player

We've been busy behind the scenes developing a new player for the audio samples we provide on the website, and we're looking for people to test it out on Presto Music beta.

The player offers a number of new features: it allows you to play all the available samples for an album automatically one after the other, continues playing when you move between pages and remains visible on all pages across the website.

The Presto Music beta site should be fully functional, so you can use it to search, browse, and place orders as you usually would. We’d really like your feedback on the new audio player, and any other issues you come across as you use the site, and you'll find a banner link to our feedback form at the top of every page on the beta site. Please fill this in to let us know about any problems, bugs or errors you encounter, describing the issue in as much detail as possible.

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