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Philosophy of Improvisation: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Theory and Practice

Pre-order,Philosophy of Improvisation: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Theory and Practice

  • Editor: Høffding, Simon
  • Editor: McGuirk, James
  • Editor: Ravn, Susanne



Due for release on 31st May 2023

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  • Introduction
  • Improvisation: The Competences of Not Being in Control
  • Susanne Ravn, Simon Høffding, and James McGuirk
  • Part I: Reconsidering Improvisation
  • 1. The Birth of Planning out of the Spirit of Improvisation: The Iceberg Model
  • Beth Preston
  • 2. Improvisation as Online Planning
  • Raul Hakli
  • 3. Towards a Wide Approach to Improvisation
  • Joel Krueger and Alessandro Salice
  • 4. Improvisation as a Social Process
  • Nick Crossly
  • Part II: Specific Aspects of Improvisational Practices
  • 5. Taking Responsibility by Letting Go: The Improvisation of Responding to the Call
  • Bruce Ellis Benson
  • 6. Dance Improvisation and the Metaphysics of Force
  • Philipa Rothfield
  • 7. Joint Improvisation as Interaction Ritual
  • Mikko Salmela
  • Part III: Improvisation in Practice
  • 8. Improvising Affectivity – Kitt Johnson’s site-specific Performances
  • Susanne Ravn
  • 9. Inner & Outer Ears - Enacting Agential Systems in Music Improvisation
  • Simon Høffding and Torben Snekkestad
  • 10. Improvisation in the Classroom: Towards an Aspectual Account of Improvisatory Practice
  • James McGuirk
  • Afterword
  • ‘Yes, and…’: Having It All in Improvisation Studies
  • John Sutton