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Pandemic Performance: Resilience, Liveness, and Protest in Quarantine Times

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  • Editor: Capece, Kendra
  • Editor: Scorese, Patrick



Due for release on 31st May 2023

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  • List of Contributors
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction: Pandemic Performance and Aliveness as Art (Kendra Claire Capece and Patrick Scorese)
  • PART I: America God Damn
  • 1. Imagining Decolonial Futures: In Conversation with Autumn White Eyes (Autumn White Eyes with Kendra Claire Capece)
  • 2. How Do You Hold When You Need to Be Held?: Dance and the Embodied Practice of Grieving (Joya Powell)
  • 3. (Re)current Unrest : The Fire This Time (Charles O. Anderson)
  • PART II: Friction and Encounter
  • 4. Performative Allyship and the Foxes That Drool: In Conversation with Brittany Talissa King (Brittany Talissa King with Kendra Claire Capece and Patrick Scorese)
  • 5. Theatre in Quarantine: Temporality and Nostalgia in Remediation (Patrick Scorese)
  • 6. ‘Come Be People in Space with Us:’ Space-making as Mutual Art and Mutual Aid (Theresa Buchheister)
  • PART III: Building a New Future
  • 7. On Composition, Conspiracies, and ‘Dancing in the Light of Tomorrow’: In Conversation with Ricardo iamuuri Robinson (Ricardo iamuuri Robinson with Kendra Claire Capece)
  • 8. The COVID-19 Ruptured Art World: Sustainable Elements of Structural Change for a Transformative Future (Lee Painter-Kim)
  • 9. Dancing In the Rubble: Post-MoMA and Otherwise Post-Pandemic Futures (Marz Saffore)
  • Index