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Sonic Engagement: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Community Engaged Audio Practice

Sonic Engagement: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Community Engaged Audio Practice

  • Editor: Vachon, Wolfgang
  • Editor: Woodland, Sarah



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  • List of Figures
  • List of Contributors
  • Introduction: Distilling an Interdisciplinary Approach
  • Sarah Woodland and Wolfgang Vachon
  • PART 1First Knowledges First
  • Introduction
  • 1. Bu'ra'nga'man | Dadirri | Yimbilli: Echoes of Listening to Country
  • Bianca Beetson, Vicki Saunders, Sarah Woodland, and Leah Barclay
  • PART 2Sonic Knowing: Meaning and Resonance
  • Introduction
  • 2. Audio drama inquiry: A telling method of research
  • Wolfgang Vachon
  • 3. What does a cellphilm (cellphone + film production + intention) sound like? The ethics and aesthetics of cellphilm method
  • Casey Burkholder and Katie MacEntee
  • 4. Composing place: Creating participatory sound portraits and compilations
  • Maureen Flint, Morgan Shiver and Ryanne Whyte
  • 5. The radio play as restorative justice education: A creative collaboration between a grassroots organisation and artists
  • Tanyss Knowles and Frank J. Tester
  • PART 3Sonic Assembly: Building Communities and Publics
  • Introduction
  • 6. More-than-social listening: Undercover engagements and undoing auditory norms
  • Jill Halstead and Brandon LaBelle
  • 7. Reinscribing the noise: New media walk technologies and the politics of community engagement
  • Christos Carras and Eric Lewis
  • 8. Hyper-listening and co-listening: Reflections on sound, selfhood, and solidarity
  • Budhaditya Chattopadhyay
  • 9. I make noise therefore I am: Aesthetics of sonic experimentation in participatory art and culture
  • Vadim Keylin
  • PART 4Sonic Disruptions: Creating Auditory Counter-Narratives
  • Introduction
  • 10. Sound travels faster over water: Sonically re-designing institutional aural architecture with The Verbatim Formula
  • Maggie Inchley and Sylvan Baker
  • 11. Yellow Couch Convos Podcast series: Navigating identity politics through collective voices and counternarratives
  • Rosemary (Rosa) Cisneros
  • 12. Many Worlds in One Place: Composition as a Site of Encounter
  • Toby Young
  • 13. Odyssey on the airwaves: A journey from HMP to hope
  • Gary Anderson and Niamh Malone
  • PART 5Sonic Resistance: Soundscapes of Protest and Activism
  • Introduction
  • 14. Engaging communities in listening to ecosystems: Case studies from acoustic ecology research in Australia and Mexico
  • Leah Barclay
  • 15. Aural counterpublic resistance: Noise, silence, and acoustical agency in protest tactics
  • Nimalan Yoganathan
  • 16. Street hassle: Noise, art, and activism
  • Mitchell Akiyama, in conversation with Don't Rhine and Syrus Marcus Ware
  • Concluding Acknowledgement
  • Index