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Who Hears Here?: On Black Music, Pasts and Present

Who Hears Here?: On Black Music, Pasts and Present

  • Author: Ramsey, Guthrie P.



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  • Contents
  • Foreword by Tammy L. Kernodle
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction: Who Hears Here Now?
  • 1. Cosmopolitan or Provincial? Ideology in Early Black Music Historiography, 1867-1940
  • 2. Who Hears Here? Black Music, Critical Bias, and the Musicological Skin Trade
  • 3. The Pot Liquor Principle: Developing a Black Music Criticism in American Music Studies
  • 4. Secrets, Lies, and Transcriptions: New Revisions on Race, Black Music, and Culture
  • 5. Muzing New Hoods, Making New Identities: Film, Hip-Hop Culture, and Jazz Music
  • 6. Afro-Modernism and Music: On Science, Community, and Magic in the Black Avant-Garde
  • 7. Bebop, Jazz Manhood, and "Piano Shame"
  • 8. Blues and the Ethnographic Truth
  • 9. Time Is Illmatic: A Song for My Father, A Letter to My Son
  • 10. A New Kind of Blue: The Power of Suggestion and the Pleasure of Groove in
  • Robert Glasper's Black Radio
  • 11. Free Jazz and the Price of Black Musical Abstraction
  • 12. Jack Whitten's Musical Eye
  • 13. Out of Place and Out of Line: Jason Moran's Eclecticism as Critical Inquiry
  • 14. African American Music
  • Onward: An Afterword by Shana L. Redmond
  • Notes
  • Index